How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip

How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip

How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip- Are you facing any trouble with your printer? Are you looking for genuine tech service provider? So here we are. Our company tech supprt expert is a genuine company and provide technical assistance to fix your issues. As many Ricoh printer users report for How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip. Well this is not a typical task. We will help you with easy solutions.

Our company tech support expert provide professional assistance and help you with all sorts of technical assistance. We provide all type of assistance related to systems and gadgets. Many Ricoh printers report ecounter with various tech issues and asked for assistance. They report for How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip. We will help you with easy methods. It is important that you follow steps as it is.

How to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip

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Steps to Reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip

In this section we will discuss various steps to reset the smart chip issue.

Step 1:- A replacement smart chip should be bought for the Ricoh Aficio multi-function laser printer if it has not come with the refill kit of toner. Many  refill kits which come up with the printer toner has got   the required smart chip. However, If the smart chip does not come with the refill kit the once can purchase it from multiple online sites .You can google the sites for price comparison

Step 2:- First of all turn the power off the Ricoh  printer, and then take out the toner cartridge. You can get the required details on how to remove the  toner cartridge on the image provided when you open the panel to remove toner or you can simply go through  the user guide for the steps to remove the cartridge..

Step 3:- Once you have removed the cartridge , you can refill the toner in the Ricoh Aficio cartridge by going through   the directions provided on the refill kit instruction manual or guide. You should blow excess toner  and dust with a blower  at first place and then wipe the cartridge to clean any remaining dust so that the cartridge is properly cleaned.

Change Smart Chip on Ricoh Aficio CL-4000

Stage 1:- Take off the tinted top toward the finish of the toner cartridge tube with a flathead screwdriver. Insert the toner with the help of tube. Pull out the chip carefully and outward on the upper edge.

Stage 2  :- Use damp cloth to clean away toner and paste leftovers from where you evacuated the shaded top.

Stage 3 :- Slide the smart chip to one side to eliminate from all slots. Adjust the new chip to the space, and afterward slide it to one side until it is secure.

Stage 4 :- Change the colored top on the finish of the toner tube. Secure the top to the tape with clear plastic tape or craft glue dots if necessary.

Stage 5:- Reinsert the tube cartridge into the Ricoh printer. Force on the printer and use as it in normal way.

These are the methods by that you can reset a Ricoh Aficio Smart Chip. In case if you face any issue in mid of the process then do not hesitate and connect to us without any wait. Our executive is available all the time at your assistance.

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