How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

Ricoh printers are multipurpose printers designed with the sole purpose of meeting household printing requirements, all small office and big office requirements. It is very simple to use and provides a superior-quality printing experience, But in some instances that too because of our silly mistakes in operation and connection or maybe sometimes due to some kind of mechanical problems, those printers show several kinds of errors. When an error occurs, then this is the way by which your Ricoh printer shows up that there is some issue inside. One of these errors is Ricoh printer error code 91. When this error code shows, you must get worried thinking about why this error is showing up and how to fix Ricoh printer error code 91.

Ricoh printers are versatile printers and their sole purpose of meet all the requirements of the printing demands of homes, and small and large offices, It is very easy to use and provide a better printing experience. But you also need to know that it is common to experience issues while using Ricoh printers, just like any other machine even the Ricoh printers go through their fair share of issues when in use. With the help of this article by Tech Support Expert you can easily fix Ricoh printer error code 91 by performing some simple steps.

How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

Ricoh Printer Error Code 91, well known as the “Service Error 91,” is a common issue that occurs in Ricoh printers, this error code indicates a communication problem between the printer and the computer, often leading to printing failures. Multiple factors can trigger this error, such as corrupted network issues, printer drivers, or malfunctioning hardware components.  Another explanation for error code 91 is when the printer’s settings and the printer’s driver settings do not match, this usually occurs when your printer’s auto-continue settings are enabled. Now that you understand why this problem occurs, you must know how to resolve error code 91 from Ricoh printers.


Fix Ricoh Printer Error code 91

Method 1

There are a few methods to fix Ricoh printer error code 91, first, restart your printer as this helps to restore some of the internal functions and helps your printer to adapt to the changes made to your printer. To power cycle the Ricoh printer, you performed the following steps:

  • First, on your printer, when the printer is idle for a long time, it usually goes into sleep mode. You can activate Ricoh printers by pressing any button.
  • Now hold down the Power button for a few seconds and switch it off,  after that start Ricoh Printer.
  • Before using it, give your Ricoh printer some time to initialize its internal workings properly.
  • This power cycle could potentially help you resolve printer error code 91 from Ricoh printers, but if the error is still not resolved, then you can move on to the next method.

Method 2

In this method, you need to properly check whether the data you have entered for printing in the Ricoh printer is valid or not.

  • Make sure your Ricoh printer isn’t receiving too many print orders from multiple sources on your network at once, and make sure you’re using the latest version of the internal software.
  • Delete the print spooler print queue on your PC and try giving a new and fresh print command, This may solve your Ricoh 91 error, you can do this process by following these simple steps:
  1. First, Click on the Window’s icon on your computer.
  2. Open the Control Panel by finding the folder in the drop-down list.
  3. Go to the new window click on Administrative Tools and when it opens double-click on Services.
  4. At this point, a list will appear from a new window and you need to click on Print Spooler.
  5. Here you will get the option of “Stop”. Clicking it will stop all previous commands.
  6. Delete all previous commands and enter new print commands.

These methods may fix your Ricoh printer error code 91, but if not, you’ll need to contact your printer’s service centre to have the problem fixed.

Troubleshooting Guide For Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

A faulty network connection can often lead to communication errors so check your network connection first to avoid several issues and follow these steps to ensure your printer is properly connected to the network

  • Verify Network Cables: Check all the network cables connected to your Ricoh printer and computer and Make sure they are securely plugged in and not damaged.
  • Restart Your Router: Sometimes, network issues can be resolved by simply restarting your router for that you need to Unplug the router, wait for a few seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • Check Wi-Fi Connection: If you’re using a wireless connection, ensure that your Ricoh printer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network, verify the Wi-Fi password and reconnect if necessary.


Printer error code 91 is a major issue in Ricoh Printers which can be easily resolved with the right knowledge. With the help of this article by Tech Support Experts, you can easily troubleshoot the error and get your printer back to working fine. Tech support Experts are always there to address your queries. Feel free to contact us.


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