How to Update Belkin Router Firmware?

How to Update Belkin Router Firmware?

How to Update Belkin Router Firmware? – Belkin router is the best connectivity device. From 30 years Belkin has been serving its customers with high internet speed. It provides extensive range through which you can connect your iPads, iPhones, laptops etc at the same time. By using Belkin router you can have access over the internet at both home and office. However several times a user doesn’t know How to Update Belkin Router Firmware? And for the proper connectivity, it is quite necessary that your router has the updated firmware. Therefore we bring for the easy steps to update it.

Belkin is a widely popular brand known for its high-speed internet. If you own a Belkin router and need to update its firmware, we have got a guide for you. In this blog section Tech Support, Expert is going to provide you simple solution step by step that you can perform manually. Our company have hired a professional team of experts who provides the best customer support services. Our technical support services are provided at budget-friendly prices. Get the step by step guidance for How to Update Belkin Router Firmware?

How to Update Belkin Router Firmware?

We are always here to provide you with the best technical support with the help of our dedicated team. To get any help regarding the Belkin router give us a call at our toll-free number 800-742-9005 or you can also share your problem via email at

Why Do You Need to Update the Firmware of Belkin Router? 

The very first thing you must know the definition of firmware and why you should update your router very often. As we all know that the electronic device can bring serious problems in our life. It can be easily hacked, your personal and informative data can be lost, brute attacks etc. Therefore to minimize the drawbacks in the form of firmware Belkin releases security updates which fix all the issues and security problems.

Using the internet without updating the firmware doesn’t make sense at all. As such the instances of data theft and insecure Wi-Fi connection while transmission between the router and mobile is increasing. Addition to this the firmware update will provide you with the amazing features that you will definitely like.  

Convenient Steps to Update the Belkin Router Firmware

In order to update the firmware on your router, first of all, you need to connect the computer through an ethernet cable. It is better to update the firmware by wired method because via wirelessly update can be interpreted.

In order to update your Belkin router firmware you must complete the three steps:

  1. Check your router’s model number and its version. 
  2. Download the firmware
  3. Carry out the update

Now follow the steps to update the firmware of the Belkin router. 

  1. Download the Belkin Router Firmware
    • As we know that to update the firmware we must need an updated version of the firmware. You can download it from Belkin router’s official website. 
    • Make sure that before downloading the firmware you have check the hardware version of your Belkin router. After checking it you can visit the official website. 
    • Now in the search box type the router model number and press the enter button. 
    • The website will display the new version of firmware, choose the correct version for your router. 
    • Next press the download button. 
  2. Update the Firmware of Belkin Router 

After downloading the firmware now you have to update it. To update the firmware follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • First, you have to open the web browser and type in the address bar 
    • Now on the screen, you will see the router setup page. 
    • Here you have to click on the firmware update. 
    • After you click on the firmware update, it will ask for the password so type your router’s password. 
    • Now click on the upload option and choose the location of the file. 
    • Once the file is uploaded successfully you have to click on apply changes. 
    • After you click on the apply changes your router will start updating the firmware. It will take a few minutes to wait for a while.  

After the following the above steps the firmware will be updated and your Belkin router will start working. 

Belkin Technical Support Service

If you face any difficulty in following the above steps then you can connect with our experts anytime. Our technical services are provided for 24 hours. You can also chat with us as we are also providing Live Chat Support to our customers. For efficient customer services, the company is providing services through various mediums such as phone, live chat, remote assistance and email.

There are many people who are using the Belkin router and don’t have the knowledge of any technical glitches. That is why most of the people face problem while connecting or updating the router. Therefore for all the non-tech savvy people, we are here with easy solutions. People from across the country take our services because we only provide the right guidance. For any router, help give us a call at 800-742-9005

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