How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error? – Today everyone seeks for the high-speed internet but when suddenly the internet gets disconnected then nothing is more disturbing than this. As such every one of us is depended upon the technology i.e, internet. DNS refers to Domain Name System that makes the people get access to different domain names like, etc. It is a crucial part of the router as it translates the domain name to corresponding IP addresses. In this blog section, we have come up with the easy steps and solutions regarding How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

Tech Support Expert is the family of a highly trained and experienced team of technical experts. The team of the company is proficient in solving all the internet errors of Belkin router i.e from DNS server error to drivers issue. You can perform our steps manually without any hindrance. The DNS error occurs when by default Belkin router receive default ISP DNS settings. And in some cases, it is observed that the ISP Domain Name System is working accurately but users may face issues with less consistent service provided by their Internet service providers. That is why we bring you the steps in detail about How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error? 

How to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

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Easy Steps to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error

While connecting to the internet through the Belkin router you may face several problems like damaged registry files, viruses, malware, and corrupted data. These errors are caused due to the improper maintenance of your system. If you didn’t fix it then this may lead to severe computer issues. One of the common error is DNS error which you can fix by following the below steps:

  • Fix out the login setup page issue that can easily be done by carefully making a proper deal with login setup page. 
  • This can be done by simply working the IP address that should be maintained properly and after that click on the Submit button. 
  • Now go under the Internet WAN icon and click on the DNS icon. 
  • Next, go to the internet WAN settings that are located on the left side of the page where users can get to access an appropriate link. 
  • Users need to uncheck the checkbox that is just near the Automatic from ISP. 
  • After that enter the DNS address which you want to set on Belkin router. 
  • In order to enter the Google Domain Name System address, it is suggested by our team to work with the proper data. 
  • The users must work with the primary Google Domain Name System as well as Secondary Google Domain Name System. 
  • To set the Open DNS, you just have to enter the Domain Name System addresses which will be provided by the professionals such as Primary Open Domain Name System and Secondary Open Domain Name System. 
  • At last after entering all the appropriate numbers click on the “Apply Changes” button 

Steps to Change the Current DNS Address On Belkin Router 

Some of the users face difficulty in changing the DNS address on the Belkin router. Let us here check how to troubleshoot it if you can’t change Domain Name System settings on it. Below listed are some of the possible solutions to fix the issue: 

  1. Ensure that the Checkbox near Automatic from ISP is unchecked. 
  2. Also, make sure that your Belkin router is having the latest version of the firmware. In case not, then update the firmware on it and then update the DNS settings without any hindrance. 
  3. After the above step reset and configure your router. 
  4. Once you have reset the router you must reconfigure it with the correct DNS address you want to set. 

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