How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD

How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD

How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD- Routers are very important for setting up an internet connection. As we all know, the Internet is the most important network, which connects us to the world. There are various companies exist in the market, which offers routers. But Belkin is the top market leading company for routers. Advance features, technology is the attributes of the Belkin router. For a new router user, installation is a big challenge, and in case the user doesn’t have installation CD then it becomes more difficult. So in this blog, we are going to discuss How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD

Now, you do not need to worry about the installation process, There are 2-3 ways to Setup Belkin Router Without CD. Now one question comes in your mind, How? So Tech Support Experts are here to answer your all your queries. Our team is experts in technology and here we will elaborate the steps to Setup Belkin Router Without CD.

How to Setup Belkin Router Without CD

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Methods to Setup Belkin Router Without CD

For installation of Belkin, router without CD is very easy now. for the setup process, proper internet working required. In case if your internet connection is running in poor condition, then you can’t set up your Belkin Router.

Solution For Setting up a Belkin Router Manually

for setup Belkin router without CD, you need an ethernet cable which compatible with your router. Here are the connection steps-

  • Firstly,  disconnect your internet modem and Belkin router from the power source.
  • Secondly, Connect your Internet modem and Belkin Router via ethernet cable and insert the cable in ethernet port and Internet port.
  • Thirdly, plug in your router and modem to get the required power
  • Now take another ethernet cable for making the connection between computer and Belkin router.
  • Now launch your working browser and in the search bar type 192. 168.2.1 and press enter
  • Now, you are redirected to the Belkin router setup page. At this page, move to Internet WAN section, and navigate “Connection type” and click on it.
  • After choosing your internet connection click on Next. 
  • Now, Enter the connection details that are provided by your ISP. After this, apply the changes by clicking on the Save button.
  • Finally,  check your “Internet Connection” status and confirm that it is showing as “Connected”.

This is it. By shared steps, you can Setup Belkin Router Without CD. Enjoy your fast internet.

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