Belkin Router Setup Support

Belkin Router Setup Support

Belkin Router Setup Support- A router is a device which helps the online traffic to find the best way over the internet. The basic function of the router is to establish the connectivity between two different networks of different IP addresses. Without the router, it cant be possible to connect worldwide. Therefore it quite necessary to configure router well. Belkin routers are the most popular routers but some of the configuration steps are quite difficult to understand therefore its good to go with some best Belkin Router Setup Support.

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Belkin Router Setup Support

Quick and Easy Method for Belkin Router Setup

Because sometimes the user finds it difficult to communicate to the computer when using a Belkin router for the very first time since these routers are wireless. To solve the Belkin router setup problem, follow the instructions listed below.

  1. Unswitch the modem.
  2. Use an Ethernet cable (CAT5 for better performance) to connect the modem to the Belkin router’s WAN.
  3. Plug the Belkin router/Belkin Wireless Router and modem to the power source.
  4. Then connect with the router’s network for the setup Belkin router easily.
  5. Check the label mentioned on the back of the router.
  6. Note down the wireless network name SSID and security password.
  7. Mostly the SSID and Password is standardized for the very first time i.e admin only for both SSID and password
  8. Check the system or wireless device like a Laptop or smartphone to the router’s network. If you are unable to end the network on the device, then you can contact the Belkin router setup support team. A group of the expert team which will provide you the best solution regarding the Belkin Routers.
  9. Configure the router
  10. Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  11. Enter the default IP Address of router in the URL or address bar and Hit enter button.
  12. The Belkin router’s dashboard will open. Tap on the “detect my connection” option.
  13. Check if there are any available updates. if there is any new update is detected, it will download the new Router’s Firmware.
  14. Personalize your network Credentials. Then, click Save and continue.
  15. Now the Belkin Router setup is completed.

Tech Support Experts Services for Belkin Routers

If you still find any difficulty regarding the Belkin Router Setup Configuration, Belkin login or Belkin router update. Then you can contact our technical team with our toll-free number. They will guide you best Belkin Router Setup Support for Router n150 setup, n200 wireless router, router n450 series etc.

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Configure Belkin Wireless Router as the Internet Gateway

  • Step 1: Need a UTP Ethernet cable; plug your router into the power
    Connect Ethernet cable into any 4 LAN ports on the router.
    Configure an IP Address “”.
  • Step 2: Type the router’s IP Address into the web-browser as, press Enter.  Then tap on the Login button.
    • Step 2b: Reset a Belkin router to default settings
  • Step 3: Internet WAN.
    • WAN configuration
    • Configuring WAN IP Addresses
      • Enter the IP addresses as provided by ISP then click on apply changes.
  • Step 4: Configuring DNS
    Uncheck “Automatic from ISP” option.
  • Configuring DNS
    • Enter the DNS IP Addresses as provided by ISP and apply.
  • Step 5: Configuring wireless settings.
    • Enter SSID Protected Mode: Enable protection
    • configuring SSID
  • Step 6: Configuring wireless security
  • Step 7: Configuring LAN settings.
    • LAN settings
      • Always enable DHCP
      • Always prefer the Domain name “Local Domain”
  • Step 8: Configuring Router Password and Time Zone

If you have followed these steps properly then you have successfully setup Belkin Wireless Router as the Internet Gateway for Office or home use. If you still find any difficulty and looking for Belkin Router Setup Support, then you are free to contact us anytime on Tech Support Expert toll-free number 800-742-9005. Our technical support team is here in your service 24/7 to provide you best assistance regarding Belkin Routers/Belkin Wireless Router.

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