How to Keep Ink Cartridges from Drying Out?

How to Keep Ink Cartridges from Drying Out?

How to Keep Ink Cartridges from Drying Out? – This drying out the Ink problem is common in old cartridges. If you are purchasing printer for office work if often get used but sometimes people purchase the printer and use it when it necessary which create long duration between its use which cause this kind of problem means drying out Ink Cartridges. In this article you are going to discuss How to Keep Ink Cartridges from Drying Out?

These are some keys points you should consider in your mind so that you can avoid such kind of printer problem. Ink Cartridges is the inkjet in which ink in contains and while printing onto the paper. Ink is a liquid state substance and temperature can alter its consistency which is timely using printer helps in maintaining the state of ink for printing and that is why drying out ink cartridges is generally occurs in winter season this is because we are writing this article to help you and also inform you How to Keep Ink Cartridges from Drying Out?

Expiring Time of Ink Cartridges and Factors why Ink Cartridges dried

Everything has an expiring date so does Ink Cartridges have one too, Ink Cartridges works for two years if it gets proper stored and proper packed. If you still use, I mean after two years you can use this Ink Cartridges but its start showing problems which in not working properly or drying out of Ink cartridges. It has been noticed that an open cartridge can used until six months which is why you should store and packed the ink cartridges until you have to install it in the printer. Expiring date just a factor but life span of the cartridges is depended on how you treat or use it. If you are not using the ink cartridges and if these factors are the factors involved with your ink cartridges your cartridges may suffer from this problem.

Occasionally Use- The main component of the ink cartridges is ink which mean if are using this occasionally then the ink can dry out.

Expiration Dates- While purchasing new cartridges check out the expiry date and normally it gets expired when the ink loses its wetness.

Improper Rilling of Ink- If you do not refill the ink properly this kind problem can occur which includes buy cheaper ink for refilling.

Store in Right Temperature- As, I was saying this kind of problem generally occurs in winter so we have to store it in right temperature neither too high nor too low otherwise either the ink becomes thin or thick.

Steps for Keeping Ink Cartridges from Drying Out

We have talk about what are the factors that dried out Ink cartridges now we are going to talk about the precaution that you can take and avoid this kind of problem. These are some of the steps by following these you can avoid this drying out of ink proper or at least you can utilize this to its expiry date.

  1. Sometimes you do not occasionally use the printer and if you are in though of that test printing is water of ink and temp then you can moisten the ink cartridges occasionally. These are the step for doing that,
    • Wear the gloves and protective glass.
    • Gently take out the ink cartridges from the printer.
    • Clean the upper and down side of ink cartridges with moist towel.
    • Clear out the moist surface.
    • Now, Put the ink Cartridges in the printer and close it.
  2. Maintain the right room temperature.
  3. If you are not using the printer keep in mind to switched it up.
  4. Do not use cheaper quality ink if you are refilling your ink cartridges.


Life span of an ink cartridges in depend on how you use that cartridge and Ink Cartridges from Drying Out is most common problems and in your article and in this article, we have talk about what are the factors that cause that problem and how you can avoid this problem for that we have mentioned stepwise solution. In this article we have tell you how you can How to Keep Ink Cartridges from Drying Out. Generally, this kind of problem occurs in winter maintaining right temperature can solve your half problems.

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