How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network

How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network

How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network- Well, working on printers is such a wonderful experience. All type of document work totally depend on printers. Printers makes paper work a lot more easier. As a number of printer manufacturer available, among all, Dell corporation is the finest printer producer company. Great features, smooth process makes Dell the best for printers. Now we live in wireless era and most of the working people prefer wireless printers and network. As many new and existing users raise queries for How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network. To help them we will discuss methods.

For any kind of technical assistance always ask for professional help. Techsupportexpert is the best technical service provider. Our company is highly experienced and solve all kind of issues in short time. As many users report for How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network. To help all of them in one time we have shared this blog. In this you will get answers for your queries.

How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network

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Guide to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network

There are multiple ways for connection. you can connect your Dell printer to the WiFi via printer panel or you can use your computer as well. For more details, go through with the article. Here in our next section we will discuss various methods.

Method: 1 Link Dell Printer to the WiFi Using Printer Panel

Every dell Printer has a printer panel, from where you can modify, configure or operate your printer and network settings. You can set up your printer to the wireless using printer panel as well. For connecting your device to the wireless network. you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, Power On your Printer.
  2. Now, Press System Button.
  3. Afterward, Click on Admin Menu.
  4. Now, Go to the Network Option.
  5. Just Click on the wireless setup option.
  6. Now you can see the list of wireless networks, so choose your wireless network.
  7. After selecting the wireless network,  You will reach the password authentication window, here enter the password for your wireless network and press OK.

Finally, your Dell printer is able to connect to the wireless network. Now, you can set your Dell printer. After setting up your router printer, Check it by giving print command.

Method: 2 Connect Dell Printer to the Wireless Network With Using WPS button

Wireless protected setup (WPS) is the best method for connecting Dell Printer to the wireless network.  you can link your printer easily to the wireless network by pressing the WPS button.

Prior if you plan to Connect Dell Printer to the wireless network using WPS. Ensure that  your router and printer have WPS feature. If you have wireless secured setup feature on your both devices, then you can follow the below given instructions to connect your Dell printer to the wireless network.

  • Press and hold the WPS button on your printer, unless it starts showing message, “WPS method is running” on your Dell printer.
  • Afterward,  You need to press and hold the WPS button on your router.
  • After pressing the button on both devices, they will start synchronizing the connection. This might take few minutes to connect with each other.
  • Lastly, your printer will be connected to the wireless network.

Method: 3 Add Your Printer Through Wireless

Make sure that the USB cable is attached to both the printer and the computer. Then;

  • Click on the Start and go to Programs
  • Now, Click on Dell Printers and press Dell Printer Home
  • Afterwards, go to the Settings tab and Click Wireless setup utility.
  • Click on your network and click on continue.
  • Enter the network key
  • The enable Dell Software window may appear if so click OK or Continue.
  • When directed to eliminate the USB cable from the computer and printer
  • Printer is setup on the network now

These are the pre-tested methods whcih defintiely help you with to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network. In case if you face any difficulty or trouble while performing,  do not hesistage and connect with us immidiately. We will help you out.

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