How to Fix printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP]

How to Fix printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP]

How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP] – Smudged, fizzy, lined, distorted, fuzzy, blurred, jagged, patched, or whatever you call it, if you are using a printer to satisfy your printing desires for a long time, then we bet you have encountered the Blurry Prints error with your Canon or HP Printer. There are several things that can be blamed for these issues namely the driver issues or the lack of ink as well. If you are facing this issue and finding it difficult to troubleshoot it, then don’t worry. In this blog, we will teach you How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP].

Don’t get us wrong here. Both Canon and HP are wonderful brand that delivers mind-blowing printing devices. But after prolonged usage, these devices tend to cause trouble for the user. If you are a canon or Hp printer user who is having consistent issues with prints like blurry images, texts, or smudged text, then it’s time to introspect the device. There could be many culprits behind this issue but for now, if you are one of those individuals who are facing the same issue with their device, then do read this blog till the end to find out How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP].How to Fix printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP]

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Common Reasons that Force Canon, HP Printers to Print Blurry Prints

The causes why HP or Canon printer prints blurry images, texts, or random meaningless characters is due to multiple reasons. Recently, the case of HP and Canon printers printing blurry images has gone up higher. Therefore, it is crucial to come to a conclusion as soon as possible. Before we move on to How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP], let us figure out the most common reasons that force the Canon or HP Printers to print blurry prints:

  1. Driver issues.
  2. Printer spooler issues.
  3. Paper issues.
  4. Damaged print heads.

How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP]

Here in this section, we will disclose the simple methods that will help to resolve this issue and stop printers from printing blurry prints.

Update the Drivers of the Printer

The first method is to update the drivers of the printer. Sometimes, corrupted or outdated drivers of the Canon or HP printer can cause such issues. Thus, follow the steps provided below to fix this issue:

  1. Go to Start and type device manager.
  2. Navigate to the Device Manager and click right on it to choose the option Update driver.
  3. You can also choose between automatic update and manual update as well.
  4. Follow all the steps to download and install the printer drivers.

Check Ink Cartridges

Low ink levels or defective ink cartridges can also force the printer to print blurry prints. Thus, it is required to check the ink levels and ink cartridges. Here is How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP] through this method:

  1. Make sure to switch off the printer by pressing the power button.
  2. Now, open the printer back panel and carefully get access to the place where ink cartridges are placed.
  3. Carefully take out the ink cartridges.
  4. Check the ink levels and also inspect the ink cartridges to check whether they are broken or not.
  5. In case the ink cartridges are broken, defective, or have low ink levels, then change it and install a new one. But make sure to not use any third-party ink cartridges. Only use genuine and original ink cartridges.
  6. Carefully place the ink cartridges back into their appropriate locations and make sure to check whether they are properly aligned or not.
  7. Once done, press the power button switch on the printer.
  8. Now, run a print test to check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Alternative Steps to Fix Blurry Prints Issue

If the above-provided methods did not come to your rescue, then make sure to try out the instructions mentioned below. For your assistance, we have come up few additional steps that answer How to Fix Printer that Prints Blurry Prints [Canon, HP]:

  1. Clean the print head and spooler. This involves removing the dust particles accumulated on the print head and the spooler. Sometimes, the dust or any foreign particle accumulated on the print head or printer spooler cause trouble while printing and results in blurry prints.
  2. Reset the printer to fix the blurry print error.
  3. Make sure to use the right set of papers with your printer. Use papers that are compatible with your printer.

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