Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114

Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114

Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114 – Samsung printers are highly popular for their versatility and latest technologies. However, it is common for your Samsung printer may falter and show some unknown errors. If your Samsung printer is showing an error code 11-1114, it may appear when your printer refuses to print a test page. Tech Support Expert has compiled a blog to help you Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114. You can easily troubleshoot this error code by identifying the problem and resolving it with the troubleshooting techniques. 

At Tech Support we are committed to offering our relentless support to small businesses, homes, and big corporate businesses with our technical solutions. We also provide other services including virus removal, operating system and software installation and issue fixing, password resets, and hardware, and memory installation done on the spot. With this blog on Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114, you will get access to comprehensive access to invaluable troubleshooting techniques. 

Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114

Understanding Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114 and Its Causes 

Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114 indicates that the server is temporarily unable to respond to your request. This can be caused due to several reasons including the printer is not connected to the internet, the printer is not connected to the correct server or there being a problem with the server itself. To resolve a technical error it is most important to identify the underlying issue causing the error. Several factors that may be responsible for causing Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114 are mentioned as follows: 

  • The printer is not connected to the network. 
  • The printer is not turned on or there are some power surge failures.
  • The printer’s IP address has changed. Check the printer’s IP address and ensure it matches the one in the error message. If it does not, update it and try again.
  • The server is experiencing an issue. 

How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114

Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114 is a carriage jam that cannot be cleared. Instead of calling Samsung support, you can troubleshoot the issue by following a few easy steps. The error may be caused due to printer driver problems, network connectivity issues, and printer firmware issues. Read the steps given below to fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114. 

Check Network Connections 

If your Samsung printer is showing an error due to a problem in network connections you can troubleshoot the issue by checking your network connections. You need to check the internet speed online and manage the proper connection for the active running of the printer. If low speed is detected, follow the steps given below to improve the network connections. 

  • Check the cables and make sure they are properly connected 
  • Restart all the devices and try to reconnect with a proper internet connection.
  • Reset the modem/router.
  • Try using an ethernet cable instead of a wireless one.

Clear the Printer Spooler 

A printer spooler is a small application that manages print jobs sent from a computer to a printer or print server. Any problem in the printer spooler can also cause the error code 11-1114. Follow the steps given below to clear the printer spooler. 

  • Open the Control Panel on your Windows machine and then select Devices & Printers.
  • Right-click on your Samsung Printer and then choose See what printing option from the list.
  • Click the Printer tab in the Print window and then select the Cancel all documents option.
  • Now, delete all job files stored in the C:windowssystem32spoolprinters folder.
  • Now restart your computer and try to print again with your Samsung Printer.

Update Printer Drivers

An outdated printer driver can also cause the printer error code 11-1114. You can resolve this issue by updating your printer driver. Follow the steps given below to update your printer driver. 

  • Visit the online Samsung Printer website.
  • Click on Driver and Firmware.
  • Enter the operating system you are using.
  • After that, enter the model of the Samsung Printer you are using.
  • Now, choose the latest driver update.
  • Download and install it by following the series of on-screen instructions.

Restart the Printer 

If nothing works you can try to restart your printer to see if that is causing the error code. 

  • Turn on the printer and connect it to your computer.
  • Now, open the control panel.
  • After that, navigate to the ‘Devices and Printers section.
  • Right-click on your Samsung printer and select ‘Properties ‘.
  • After that, click on the ‘ Advanced ‘ tab.
  • click on the ‘Reset Defaults’ button under the ‘Printing Defaults’ section.
  • This will reset all of the printing options back to their default settings.
  • Click ‘ OK ‘ to save the changes and close the window.


With advancements in printer technology, it becomes even more important to understand the troubleshooting error codes. Tech Support Expert equips you with all the essential tools and techniques to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1114. Use the techniques given to troubleshoot the issue and become more technologically updated. 


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