MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update

MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update

MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update – Is your device running slow? Did you just update your MacBook Pro? If yes, then we are here to address your issue. What could be worse than a MacBook Pro running slow? MacBook Pro is designed in such a way that it mesmerizes its uses with its fast speed and smooth functionalities. Slow MacBook Pro is one of the most frustrating things for Mac owners. If your MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update and you are trying to figure out how to speed it up, then you have reached the perfect spot.

MacBook Pro working at an altered pace is the worst nightmare for MacBook users. There could be countless reasons that may give birth to this issue. If you have spent hours diagnosing this issue and now you wanted to know how to make it work faster, then you can refer to this blog. Through this blog by Tech Support Expert, we will address the MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update issue. This blog will also shed some light on the biggest culprits that can trigger such issues.MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update

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Most Common Reasons Behind MacBook Pro Running Slow After Update Issue

MacBook Pro not running at an accurate pace could be the worst nightmare for Mac users. Overloaded internet cache or third-party application, anything can affect the Mac functionalities. Tech Support Expert has done its research and we have found out some of the major culprits behind the MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update issue. These are:

  • Too much data of files on the MacBook Pro desktop.
  • The system is infected with a virus or malware.
  • Not enough space on a hard drive.
  • So many extensions.
  • Low RAM.
  • Too many tabs opened in the browser.
  • Overheating issues.
  • Corrupted hard drive.
  • Older versions of MacBook.
  • MacBook Pro doesn’t restart for a long time period.
  • Overloaded cache.

Easy Fixes for MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update

The wait is over. This part of the blog will put light on some of the most commonly used and easy to perform methods to fix this irritating issue. Keeping in mind to follow all the steps in exact same manner as written below. Here are the easy steps to fix the MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update and speed up your device:

  1. Restart MacBook Pro

Restarting the device can eradicate so many technical glitches associated with the MacBook Pro. Doing this task is easy and will take less time as well. Now the question arises “What will this do?” Restarting the device will allow the stucked applications to reload and clear the memory as well. Usually, MacBook Pro takes one-two minute to restart. If the device takes a much longer time to restart, then there is definitely an issue with the system.

There are three ways to restart the MacBook device, these are:

  • Press and hold Control + Command + Power Button.
  • Click on Apple Logo > press Restart Button.
  • Select the Power Button > Restart.
  1. Check For New Updates

There are huge possibilities that you have downloaded either incompatible updates or the updates are download incorrectly. In such a case, it would be wise to check for new updates to fix the MacBook Pro is Running Slow After Update issue. Here are the steps to check for new updates:

  • Navigate to Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  • Select the Software Update option.
  • Press the Update Now option.
  • The downloading process will start (if available).
  1. Delete the Third Part Applications

At times third-party applications can cause problems with the MacBook Pro. There are sure short possibilities that your MacBook Pro is running slow after the update because of third-party apps like antivirus. Almost 50% of the time, this issue is caused by antivirus software such as AVG, Avast, etc. So you can easily fix this problem by removing the antivirus from the device.

Here’s how you can accomplish this task:

  • Run Finder and choose the application you want to uninstall.
  • Launch the Security Suite > Choose Uninstall Security Suite.
  • Press Uninstall > Continue > enter Password > Ok.
  • Exit the process.
  1. Remove Unwanted Extensions

Too many extensions in the web browser can limit the running speed of the MacBook Pro. This is one of the major factors that slow down the Mac device. Don’t take me wrong. The extension does provide lots of benefits, but too many extensions can even slow down the speed of Mac. Therefore, removing them will be the best option. Here’s how you can eradicate extensions from Safari:

  • Launch Safari > Enter Menu > Choose Preferences.
  • Now press Extensions.
  • Check all the extensions installed here and eliminate the unnecessary ones.
  • Choose the extension and Press Uninstall.

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