How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook

How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook

How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook – Windows 10 comes with lots of pleasing features that make things easy to perform. Computers have become an integral part of human life especially in today’s era where everything is done on PC, desktop, or laptops. Everyone is fully aware of the benefits and features of Windows 10. When installed properly in the Mac Book, it allows the users to perform with maximum efficiency and productivity. If you are from a non-technical background and wanted to install Windows 10 on your MacBook then you have landed on the right spot. In this bog by Tech Support Expert, we will tell you a detailed guide on How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook.

Computer or Mac are two different camps on which one can install Windows 10. A properly installed Windows in the Mac Book will allow the user to run their favorite programs that too without any hassle. You can run any application you want without compromising with the Mac speed. If you are the one wanted to install Windows 10 and are unaware of how to do the same, then don’t worry. Through this blog, our experts will tell you methods on How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook.How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook

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Step 1: Things Needed Before Installing Windows 10 on MacBook

The installation process of Windows 10 on Mac book is a very easy and hassle-free process. But before moving towards the steps, let’s have a look at the things that you will require to have before installing Windows 10 on MacBook.

  • At first check, the requirement of the system and also make sure you have a compatible device that supports Windows 10.
  • Some of the compatible Mac devices are MacBook Pro (2012 or later), iMac (2012 or later), MacBook Air (2012 or later), Mac Mini, (2021 or later), MacBook (2015 or later), iMac Pro, Mac Mini Server, Mac Pro (2013).
  • Make sure to check the drive available space. At least 64GB of space is needed for the installation.
  • Ensure to have an updated and compatible operating system. This will eradicate any chance of compatibility issues later on.

Step 2: Simple Steps to Download the Windows 10 Setup

Up next is to download the Windows 10 setup or ISO file if you want to install the Windows 10 on your MacBook. All you have to do is navigate to the Microsoft Website and download the setup straight into the system.

  • Run the Web Browser.
  • Navigate to the official Microsoft Website.
  • Go to the MS Windows 10 ISO page > Look for the Download option.
  • Once done choose the Windows 10 option > Confirm.
  • Chose the Product Language from the dropdown.
  • Select the preferred language and press Confirm.
  • Once done click on the option 64-bit Download > Save.

Step 3: Steps to Install Windows 10 on MacBook through Boot Camp

After checking the requirements in step 1 and downloading the Windows 10 into the system, all you have to do it follow the below-given steps and install the Windows 10 on MacBook.

  • At first, Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Run the Boot Camp Assistance.
  • Up next you have to press Continue and let the Boot Camp detect the ISO file.
  • Now from the Partition section, Press & Drag the Slider to set the storage limits.
  • Once done, click on the Install button to download the Windows Support Software.
  • Enter your Password here and press Ok.
  • Doing this will restart the Device and pop up the setup screen.
  • Select the preferred Language > Install > enter the Product key.
  • In case you don’t have any product key, then you can enter it after the process.
  • Now based on the device you have, choose the options provided and press Next.
  • Up next, press the button Custom: Install Windows only > Choose Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP > Press Next.
  • Don’t get panic. Your device will restart itself few times during the process.
  • Once done click on Customize Your Installation or Express Settings > enter Username > Next > Select whether to use Cortana or not.
  • Once done with all the steps, the Windows 10 Will boot and become ready for use.

So these were the simple steps by which you can install Windows 10 on MacBook. Tech Support Expert hopes that this blog was helpful to you and you got the information that you were looking for. For the future as well if you face any technical issue and wanted any sort of technical help, do not hesitate to contact the top technical assistance company, Tech Support Expert. Dial 800-742-9005 or you can send us an email at

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