How to Troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers?

How to Troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers?

How to Troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers –  A huge population is using electronic devices such as printers. It has become a necessity, and the use of this device has become common these. Several companies are manufacturing and selling printers these days, Dell is an American multinational technology company that is one of the most trusted and authentic brands that develops, sells, and provide quality printing and scanning through their best printers. But when an error occurs then some users ask, how to troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers.

How to Troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers?

Although, the printer of Dell is easy-to-use. however, sometimes users face some problems related to the printer that is quite-frustrating. But there is no need to be annoyed because the tech support expert is here to help you out with these issues. Also, we guide for all printer issues such as troubleshooting, printer issues, etc. And Today through this write-up, our team members who have expertise in their respective fields, will guide you and you will learn how to troubleshoot Dell Inkjet printers.

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Steps to Troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers

Dell printers are the best printer for both domestic and commercial use, if you often print documents and photos, or scan documents then can choose Dell. They have a pretty long list of printers such as laser printers, inkjet printers, etc. So we are here to know the steps to troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers. Firstly you have to determine the cause of problems and then you can also connect to our tech experts. Let’s discuss this.

Here are some steps to troubleshoot Dell Inkjet Printers:

  1. If the printer is connected by a USB cable, then reseat both ends of the cable from the computer to the printer.
  2. Restart your system you are using.
  3. Turn off the printer.
  4. Now, unplug the power cord of the printer from the outlet.
  5. Wait at least 30 seconds and then plug the power cord back in the outlet.
  6. And then turn the printer back on.
  7. Test your printer, perform a print test.
  8. If it prints successfully then no further actions are required.

Make your Printer the Default Printer

Make sure that the printer you are using is set as the default printer, for setting your desired printer as the default follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Press “Windows key” and “R” key simultaneously, it will open a run box.
  • Type a command “shell: PrintersFolder” in the run box, and then click OK.
  • Right-click on the option of your desired printer.
  • Click on the option set as a default printer from the options list.

If there is no option of Set as default printer then it normally means that the printer is already set as the default printer. Generally, there is a checkmark next to it.

If your printer is connected by a wireless or wired network and not on a USB cable then follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • If your printer is connected by a wireless or wired network and not on a USB cable then, make sure that the computer is on the network and the setting of printer portal and IP address is correct.
  • Diagnose your printer through a troubleshooter to correct automatically any printer spooler issues. (Print Spooler helps interact and orders the print jobs in your queue in your Windows computer
  • Print a page for tests.
  • No further actions are required if the page prints successfully.

Restore your System to a time when the printer was working

If still your printer isn’t working then restore your system to a time when the printer was working. You can easily restore your system by the following steps.

For performing a system restore, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the “Windows Key” and “R” key together to the open run box.
  2. Open the control panel by typing “Control Panel” in the box and then hit the enter button.
  3. Go to the “Recovery” option in the control panel.
  4. Choose the option “Open System Restore.” and then click on next.
  5. Choose the restore point or update and then select Next> Finish.

System restore can solve your problem, if you are still facing any problem while using your printer then you can follow the next step to troubleshoot your Dell Inkjet Printer.

Uninstall, and install the latest printer driver

If your printer is not working then you can uninstall the previous driver and install the latest driver, to troubleshoot your Dell Inkjet printer. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform all the above.

Uninstall the printer:

  • Press the Windows key “R” key together, it will open a run box.
  • Type the command appwiz.cpl, and then hit the enter button.
  • Click on the printer from the list that you want to remove and then click on uninstall option.

Download the latest printer driver:

  • Open your browser and go to the Dell Driver & Download site.
  • Search for your printer drivers, and use the filter option.
  • Choose the Operating system you are using.
  • Download the latest printer driver available.

Install the latest printer driver:

  • After downloading the latest driver successfully, you will see a dialog box, click allow, or run.
  • Select the folder where you want to unzip the files, and then press enter. (Click yes to all, if it asks to overwrite the folder)
  • Open the folder that you had selected to unzip.
  • Click on the setup to install the driver.
  • If it prompts, Restart your system.

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