How to Restore Dell Printer To Factory Settings?

How to Restore Dell Printer To Factory Settings?

How to Restore Dell Printer To Factory Settings – A wide part global population use printer’s in the office or at home. They often print and scan their documents through printers and they knew that Dell is one of the authentic and renowned brands in the market that provides the best printers. Dell is the most trusted tech company and the printers of the company are designed in such a way they are easy to use. And the users hardly face issues while using the printer of this company. Some users rarely face an error or they don’t know how to Restore Dell Printer to Factory Settings.

How to Restore Dell Printer To Factory Settings?

As it is very disappointing if the printer you are using break-down or often you face problems while printing. If you are one of them who is facing the same issue or problem then Tech Support Expert is here to help you out with this problem. Tech Support Expert is a bonafide company that provides help for tech-related issues such as printers, router help, Desktop & Laptop help, Smart Gadgets help, etc. We always guide you with precise methods that will surely work for you. And today in this write-up, our experts will help you to learn how to Restore Dell Printer to Factory Settings. Let’s begin.

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Precise steps to restore a Dell printer to Factory Settings

The process of resetting the dell printer is quite easy. Generally, some people face some glitches while restoring a Dell printer to Factory Settings but our experts will guide you with some easy steps that will surely work for you. When you reset a printer then it also deletes the pending tasks and settings which you have changed earlier and brings it back to its factory setting. Let’s know the steps to restore a Dell printer to factory settings.

You can reset a Dell printer to factory settings by following the below-mentioned steps:

For Networked printers

Step 1) Type the printer’s IP in your web browser to access it Web console. You can find it by printing a configuration page, press and hold the “Continue” button. It will generate the page for you.

Step 2) After logging into the console, look for the “Reset Print Server” option. Usually, it is located in a selection tab “Printer setting” or similar to it.

Step 3) After Resetting, turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. Wait for five minutes and turn on the printer back.

Step 4) Test the printer, is it working well, if it prints without any trouble, no further steps are required.

By following the above steps you can easily reset your printer to factory settings. 

Printers with Menu Panel

Step 1) Open the control panel on your system, and then look for “General Settings” on your printer’s menu.

Step 2) Select your desired printer you want to reset, and then press “OK” to make the selection. 

Step 3) Select the option “Restore Factory Settings” or “Reset NVRAM” and then hit enter.

Step 4) Turn off the printer for few minutes, and unplug it from the power socket for a few minutes.

Step 5) After waiting, Turn on the printer back, and print a page for testing purpose.

If you are using a local printer then follow the above steps to restore your printer to the factory settings.

Printers without Menu Panel

Step 1) Shut the printer off and open its front cover using the latch or button on the left side.

Step 2) Hold “Continue” and “Cancel” buttons together, usually located at the top of the printer.

Step 3) When you see the “Error” LED light turns into a solid color then release the button.

Step 4) Test the printer, is it working well, if there is no issue while printing a page then, no further steps are required.

Printers without menu panels can be restored to their factory setting by following the above-mentioned steps.

Reset Dell Printer Cartridge

Sometimes we need to reset the printer cartridge of the Dell printer and many users ask about it. So follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to reset dell printer cartridge settings in a Dell printer manually. 

Step 1) Firstly, Shut the printer off for at least five seconds after refilling the ink cartridge in your Dell Printer.

Step 2) Turn back the printer on when your printer screen is displaying a message regarding the minimum level of ink in the cartridge.

Step 3) Print something from your printer and you will see an instant dialog box displaying an alert message.

Step 4) Uncheck the “complete-a-print” checkbox, and then check “don’t display this dialog box.”

All these steps are accurate, precise, and easy too. You can use these steps for the network, local printers with menu panels, and local printers without menu panels. If you are still having any problem while restoring your printer to factory settings then you can contact our experts. If you are facing any kind of tech issue and problem then dial 800-742-9005 to avail of our services.

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