How to Fix Dell Printer Offline Issue?

How to Fix Dell Printer Offline Issue?

How to Fix Dell Printer Offline Issue?- Are you looking for technical help for resolving the Dell Printer offline issue? Then we at Tech Support Expert are there to guide and support you will detail explanation for all your queries. Dell is a top-notch brand and delivering the best technological solutions to its customers at cost-effective prices but somehow fewer times it becomes difficult to understand the fast updates in technology. So, our team of experts is there to resolve your all queries within a short span of time. Also, there are some technical errors that are absolutely unavoidable and annoying at the same time. So, with our help rectify all the Dell Printer Offline issues within a limited time period. How to Fix Dell Printer Offline Issue? For More Information and details get in touch with us at our official contact number: 800-742-9005 or write to us at We are always there to guide and support you with 24×7 online and offline consultation regarding how to fix the Dell printer offline issue. So, follow the listed steps for responding to errors by following instructions and steps.

Why Dell Printers pop-up with Offline Issues?

Dell printers might sometimes show an error that might appear your printer offline and it won’t able to communicate with your PC. It can happen due to several reasons which might include any issues from the mentioned points.

  • Incorrect or Irrelevant Manual settings.
  • The printer might be turned off or in sleep mode.
  • WiFi may be disconnected.
  • Printer is on Use Printer Offline mode. Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners.

How to fix the Dell Printer Offline issue permanently

We team of an expert at Tech Support expert will guide you towards the ways to fix the Dell printer offline issues. Our team will help you out with fixing the temporary error at your Dell printer online. So, if you’ll be looking for a permeant way to fix the dreaded Dell printer offline message you need to follow the listed step as it is told. Read the instructions carefully for fast recovering the error.

Step- 1. From the windows, search for the control panel and then choose printers and devices from it.

Step- 2. Click your printer in the list and click ‘Manage’.

Step- 3. Click properties (or printer properties).

Step- 4. Click the ‘Ports’ tab.

Step5. Now from the list, you’ll be able to see the current i.p address of your printer (see example).

Step- 6. Type in your browser address bar of a computer that is connected to the same WIFI network or any other internet network.

Step- 7. Now move to the settings option from the menu of the printer.

Step- 8. You’ll then get a screen like the one below (I don’t have a Dell printer but it’s very similar for all printers).

Step- 9. Now click on the option network.

Step10. Set the option as a manual instead of automatic.

Step- 11. Select the i.p address if it is not selected then select it by yourself, then click save or apply.

Step- 12. Get your router’s i.p address and log in online.

Step- 13. Visit the menu option and add the MAC address and new printer i.p address so that the computer and printer can communicate.

Step- 14. Your process is completed. To check the error fix issue follow the listed step.

Step- 15. Open printer option from the control panel and then fand now will able to add the new i.p address and set the printer to it.

Thus, your problems should be solved. Still, if you face any issues and not able to resolve then contact our team of Tech Support Expert and we will handle all queries and solve it within a limited period of time. Further on, the customer services and technicians are available 24×7 and 365 days.

Immediate Solutions for Fixing Dell Printer Offline Issue?

Tech Support Expert is the top technology experts that are providing online as well as offline consultation throughout the country. We have a team of experts who are engaged in resolving the queries of customers within a limited time.  So, if in case you are facing any of the printer issues online or offline get in touch with us we are happy to serve you with our technical help & assistance to fix all the technical problems, queries, and issues of customers.

Contact Tech Support Expert for several tech issues & problems or for knowing How to Fix Dell Printer Offline Issue?. Dial 800-742-9005 to avail our services. Our toll-free number is open 24*7 throughout the year. We will answer your call and help you out without any call waiting. For best service contact us. To get more details, you can mail us also, write to us

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