How to Install Dell Wireless Printer without CD?

How to Install Dell Wireless Printer without CD?

How to Install Dell Wireless Printer Without CD? – Printers are the best technical device that is providing great functions and features to the users. Every student or working people use the printer to accomplish their goals. With the fast-paced technology, the printers have become more advanced. In the market, you will get printers in various brands but the most famous and highly preferrable is Dell. That is why in this blog post we are here to provide the relevant steps on How to Install Dell Wireless Printer without CD? 

Tech Support Expert is the reliable third party company working to provide the best technical support to its customers. We are spreading our services across the globe to help the people who regular printers users and are from a non-technical background. Dell brand is famous among people for its world-class printers, computers and laptops. Most of the users have asked to provide a step-by-step guide on How to Install Dell Wireless Printer Without CD, so here we are. 

How to Install Dell Wireless Printer without CD?

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How to Install Dell Wireless Printer Without CD?

It is not a tedious task to install Dell printer without CD. However, it is a bit difficult for users who do not know the technical field. Therefore we are here with the right solution for the installation of Dell wireless printer without CD: 

  1. First of all press the computer and printer near to each other and ensure that all the wires are connected to both the computer and printer. 
  2. Now turn on the computer and wait for it to boot up. 
  3. Then plug the printer into the wall and take the USB cord which is attached to the printer and plugs it into the correct port on the computer. 
  4. After that turn the printer on. 
  5. Click on the Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel. 
  6. Search “Printers and Hardware” box and click it. 
  7. Click on “Add Printer”.
  8. Once you see “Welcome to the add printer wizard” then hit Next. 
  9. On the add printer wizard page click on “Automatically detect and install play and plug printer”. Click on Next. 
  10. Install the printer and network will automatically start detecting. Otherwise the message not able to detect will pop up and you will be directed to install the printer manually. Click on Next. 
  11. Select the printer port, we recommend you to use the best set up options. Click on Next.
  12. Pick up printer and manufacturer and click on Next. 
  13. If a box appears then type a name or confirm name and set the printer as default printer. Click on Next. 
  14. Now print a test page to make sure that the printer is set up and online. After that click on Next. 
  15. Next, you will receive a successful completion of the installation of printer message. Click on Finish. 

Quick Steps to Manually Setup Dell Printer without CD

Days are gone when you have to call a local engineer to resolve your printer issue. Here we have mentioned quick steps that you can perform manually by sitting at your place without any hassles. Follow them carefully: 

  1. Firstly click on Start. 
  2. Then navigate to Devices and Printers. 
  3. Click on Add a printer. 
  4. After that click on add a local printer by USB. 
  5. Choose an existing port.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Now you will see the list of your manufacturer printer. 
  8. Select your printer brand name and then choose the printer model number. 
  9. In case you can see your printer model number then click on windows update. 
  10. Click on Next and then Name your printer. 
  11. Make it as your default printer. 
  12. Next click on a print test page to check out your connection that is connected to your printer. 
  13. At last click on Finish. 

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