How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error

How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error

How to fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error? – Printer paper jams are a hazard of paperwork. One minute you are feeling productive and accomplished as your final product zips out of the machine, and therefore the next you curse your printer’s name because it brings out the crumpled bits of paper or the printer shuts down entirely. While the occasional printer jam is inevitable, the way you answer it determines how stressed the event is. Responding constructively helps ensure your day gets back on target as quickly as possible. While kicking the printer could also be satisfying, it won’t improve your situation. Instead, here’s we will show you the right way to fix a printer paper jam in Dell.

We are Tech Support Expert and we are renowned as one of the best IT’s tech to support our clients and we guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction as we have a team which works 24*7 in shifts to solve your problems. So solving a paper jam in a printer will not be a big deal and let us see how it can be fixed in steps.

( Note:- Before fixing any printer or any error, don’t let the distraction get the better of you. A paper jam can be a hassle but with you getting frustrated over a small problem which could be easily repaired but with you being angry and yanking on the jammed printer won’t work either. So keep your cool and follow these steps which we are about to show.)

How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error

Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error

Before going to operate in and out of the printers, it is safe to switch off so there won’t be any mechanical parts of the printer and before that make sure to cancel all the printing commands in it. Otherwise, the paper would stick it in between and make work even more difficult. Once the printer is unplugged, make sure to keep it’ backside to yourself so that you can access the back unit as it has details and information about the printer.

For Dell Laser printer, if you have Dell E310DW or Dell 1130 Monochrome Laser Printer make sure to give it 30 minutes before moving to further steps.

  • First of all, remove all the papers from the printer tray
  • Then, reload it as most of the paper jams occurs of the fact as we feed paper into the printer. Remove any papers inside the tray and if they are not coming out easily, slowly pull the paper out of the tray and make sure that not even crumbled pieces of paper will remain on the paper tray.
  • The next step is to inspect the crumbled piece of paper between the stack as again when loaded it could lead to the same process. So remove it from the stack and slowly put all the papers which are straight into the stack and put it back into the tray and close it so that papers can be properly printed in the machine
  • Open the rear or back door of the printer which gives you access to the paper’s pathway into the printer. Now it has advantages as it gives you more access to look into the rollers to see if crumbled pieces of paper are present there. If they then slowly withdraw it from the rollers and the main emphasis here is that you do work with calmness as the components of the printer are very subtle and with force, you can damage the components of the printers.
  • You can also see the rollers if they are dirty and messy you can clean them up but do not force rollers to rotate mechanically as they can be damaged but and also if rollers are damaged you can replace them.
  • Now close the doors and plug the printer back in
  • Make sure to close the doors firmly as the papers could again become crumble if doors are not closed tightly. Turn the printer ON again and test it now. Try to print your first paper run by pressing and hold the RESUME key. Most of the times it works

Alternate Method to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error

  1. TURN OFF your computer
  2. Now press and hold UP and DOWN keys while powering on the printer, release the buttons once LCD indicates “diagnosing”.
  3. Press the DOWN arrow until “IOT Diag” appears, press ENTER
  4. The LCD should now indicate DI-3 L0”
  5. Now Press AC and hold it for 10 seconds
  6. Now remove all the cartridges
  7. Make sure paper is still in the feedbox
  8. Turn OFF the machine
  9. Turn On the machine again and keep pressing the AC button for 5-10 seconds
  10. Now it will start feeding the papers once again and it will show “Resolving paper tray jam”
  11. It will show put Cartridges back into the machine.

And the error messages will disappear then and you will start printing pages once again. We are Tech Support Expert and we guarantee you to solve all of your hardware or software related problems as we have one of the best IT experts with us and we will give our customer 100% satisfaction as your feedback is too important for us. If you want to talk to our customer service then call at our toll-free no:- 800-742-9005

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