How to Connect Dell Printer to Mac?

How to Connect Dell Printer to Mac?

How to Connect Dell Printer to Mac? –  Dell has become one of the best printers which are highly compatible with the Mac. It has sorted the process and thus preferred by most Mac users. It won’t be wrong to say Dell has become the brand that most people trust in the market, all because of its advanced technology and functionality. Almost every company has a wireless printer in their office and people with kids and who work from home also have printers. Now if you are a Dell printer user or bought a new printer then you have found this post because you need our help. Read through this blog and get the steps to connect Dell Printer to Mac.

It’s essential for users to know complete knowledge about how to Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac because it will avoid all the technical issues and glitches. Therefore, get ideas from us for professional or personal use at Tech Support Expert. Also, other than this if the users face any type of issue in using the Dell Printer we are here to help you instantly, and our dedicated and certified Printer Technical Support team is always there for you for prompt solutions. You can contact the support number anytime to get instant support from an expert at any time. If you are wondering to connect Dell printer to Mac then we at Tech Support Expert will let you know the right way and steps to follow while connecting the printer to PC. 

How to Connect Dell Printer to Mac?

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Table of Contents for How to connect Dell Printer with Mac

We at Tech Support Expert have listed the table of contents for how to connect Dell printer with Mac followed by steps on how to perform the activity. 

  1. Download and Install the Dell Printer Driver
  2. Add a Network Printer Using IP Address/Hostname
  3. Add a USB Printer
  4. Select Printing Options

Steps to Connect Dell Printer with Mac 

Connecting a Dell wireless printer with your Mac is easy. You just have to follow the steps one by one which you will find below in this post. Make sure to not miss any step, in case you do not get success in first to then try again. You might just have missed a step. Follow the listed steps for connecting Dell Printers with Mac by Tech Support Expert. 

Download and Install the Dell Printer Driver

You need to download the dell printer driver in mac book and must follow the Installer Wizard and complete the driver installation.

Add a Network Printer Using IP Address/Hostname

  1. You need to select the Apple icon in the upper left corner from your desktop.
  2. Select System Preferences and the choose Print & Fax.
  3. Click the plus icon which will help you in adding the printer application.
  4. Now Select IP on the top toolbar of the add printer window.
  5. Set the options as, choose Protocol as a Line Printer Daemon, Address as printer’s IP address, Name will be set as default.
  6. Now also selcet the Print Using by pressing down arrow which will pop up with list of drivers, choose appropriate driver as er your choice.
  7. Then click add by setting all the naming. 
  8. Options will be shown that the printer you are installing, (Duplexer, optional paper trays, memory, etc.)
  9. Then, select the options you have installed on the printer.
  10. Click the Continue to complete the wizard.

Add a USB Printer 

  1. To add the USB Printer select the Apple icon and then select System Preferences.
  2. Choose Print & Fax by clicking the plus icon to open the Add Printer application.
  3. Select Default on the top toolbar of the add printer window.
  4. Select the printer from the list of all printers, choose the printer that you named to dell printer. 
  5. Press Add and printer will be selected.
  6. Again, if there are options for the printer you are installing on the screen that will allow you to select the options you have installed on the printer.
  7. Select options for installing and click the Continue button to complete the wizard.

Select Printing Options 

  1. Now open the file from the menu bar
  2. Select Print by toll bar or by using shortcut key ctrl + P from the keyboard.
  3. Select the correct print queue.
  4. All printer options will appear on the screen, choose your dell one
  5. Press Print to command for final printing from the dell printers. 

Follow the mentioned steps and connect the dell printer with Mac. If in case you still face any problem we are there to help you out with Tech Support Expert.  Our experienced team of professionals and experts will help you with more information regarding the dell printer and Mac. We are there for letting you know the additional information, troubleshooting articles, and videos for resolving technical issues.   

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