How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005 ?

How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005 ?

How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005

This article justifies an appropriate cause of errors and offers a workaround of How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005 too. If you face any further concerns about the cause, only give us a call at 8007429005 or write your concern through Email at The team of Tech Support Experts will respond immediately with the best possible solution on the list.

A Reason Behind Windows Error 0x80004005

There are many files in the system stored in the system task manager but the Error 0x80004005 of Windows will only occur if a specific file is required for Windows Product Activation also called WPA is damaged. The behavior with hurdle will only occur if the probability of the mentioned points will be true. Knowing the cause you can get the solution of How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005.

  • Any antivirus that is installed as an outer stimulus, may cause the problem. This is one of the causes and the reason behind the Windows Error 0x80004005.
  • If the Windows Product Activation File is self-modified, the error may occur.

Starting with the Process

Note that when starting with the registry of How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005, following each step with the care of precautions is necessary. This is essential to protect other files as if any of the steps are switched or interrupted with a click, it may result in some serious trouble for your computer.

For protection

  • Keep the backup of the files and data.
  • Note the network conditions.
  • Take care of the power cuts.
  • Do not interrupt the process.

Workaround for How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005

Let us now acknowledge the mediums which help create a better outcome while you seek the response of fixing Windows Error 0x80004005. Follow the points mentioned step but step and only jump to the other one if the above-mentioned does not offer the appropriate solution.

Restart your computer

The Primmirayu step to consider How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005 is simply to restart the computer. This may treat the problems initially.

Follow the proper step for the restart.

Start> Menu> Restart

Note to close each file and close all the applications which are working in the background.

In- Place Upgrade of Window

This method must be considered if Windows Error 0x80004005 occurs after you update your Microsoft window.

For this purpose, you need to begin by performing a reinstallation process for Windows XP CD- ROM.

  • Start by uninstalling Windows completely.
  • Reinstall the processor that you were working with before the occurrence of Windows Error 0x80004005.
  • Most of the time, the error is cured by this step only. You do need to go further with the search to fix the error.

Repairing Windows Reinstallation Process

  • Start by inserting Windows XP CD in the CD drive or you can also use the DVD drive if it is in a better working condition.
  • Once you have installed the CD drive, you may now proceed further by starting your computer.
  • A notification with a message on the screen will appear that says,

“Press any key to process your CD. Note that the computer supports the CD drive or the DVD drive start.”

  • For the concern of “How to Fix Windows Error 0x80004005”, you can choose to press the R Key. This ensures the recovery of the console.
  • The setup of the window will start on its own. If you do not require the installation of windows, proceed further by pressing F3.
  • You may after the above step witness commands saying, C:\WINDOWS.
  • Press Enter to continue.
  • Proceed by typing cd C:\WINDOWS\System32, followed by ENTER.

Renaming the Files

You must now setup to rename the files which is done using the REN command.

For this purpose, type REN File_Name.extensionFile_Name. old at the command prompt.

  • Pidgen.dll
  • Wpa. dbl
  • Actshell.htmThe mentioned files will be located in the subfolders named, oobe
  • Regwizc.dll
  • Wpabaln.exe
  • Licwmi.dll
  • Licdll.dll

After all, this, follow with the drive letter of the CD marked with a colon, and press ENTER.

For example, type D:, press ENTER.

Type cd i386, and press ENTER.

Finalizing with Commands

Under with step, you are required to type the following commands simultaneously and then press enter individually.

  • Expand licwmi.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
  • Expand wpa.db_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
  • Expand regwizc.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
  • Expand licdll.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
  • Copy pidgen.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32
  • Expand wpabaln.ex_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
  • Expand actshell.ht_ C:\WINDOWS\System32

End the process by typing EXIT and pressing enter.

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