How do I Enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR Router?

How do I Enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR Router?

How do I Enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR Router? – Security is one of the main concerns in our rapidly expanding digital environment. The majority of people who use smart gadgets will occasionally access a different public or private wireless network. With fewer security protections, there is still a clear risk of theft and online crimes that might possibly cause great harm and problems. Therefore, the WPA3 protocols are the main focus of the majority of router makers right now. Hence, in order to increase security, they are incorporating WPA3 with their firmware. It is a WPA2 PSK protocol update. Therefore, if you are also a NETGEAR user looking for ways to enable your WPA3 security, then read this blog of ours on How do I enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR router.

WPA3 is currently replacing WPA2 throughout the world. Compared to WEP, WPA-PSK delivers greater network security. WPA3 and WPA2 are even more secure security protocols than WPA-PSK that are available on newer routers. According to NETGEAR, WPA3 or WPA2 should be used when they are available. WPA3 configuration is therefore a little more complicated because it is a more recent technology, but businesses should be able to figure it out. However, if you know how to set up your wifi settings to use WPA3, you can upgrade older PCs to a more secure security protocol and benefit from more robust wireless security. So, in this piece, we’ll discuss what is WPA3 and How do I enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR router.

How do I enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR router?

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What is WPA3

WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. The network can protect your Wi-Fi traffic with the help of a number of security methods. What this means is that the WPA3 protocol will oversee a handshake between your device and the router, protecting your environment regardless of the pages or browsers you may be using.

Your online data would be safer in the hands of third parties thanks to encryption and other data protection techniques.

Steps to Enable WPA3 Security on your NETGEAR router

Your wireless network sends out a signal that can be picked up hundreds of feet distant in the air. By default, everyone nearby has access to your network. You should definitely take some basic security precautions, such as encrypting and restricting access to your wireless network.

The easiest technique to prevent conversations from being eavesdropped on is to encrypt the data that is transmitted over the air. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy are the two primary methods of encryption (WEP). Although WPA2 is the greatest solution, many older routers do not support it. You should update your router if it lacks WPA2.

It is advised that you pick a strong password that isn’t widely known or used to limit access to your router.

Note: It should be noted that your router’s 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands support the WPA3 security function. Either one band or both bands can have WPA3 enabled.

  • Open a web browser on any computer or mobile device that is linked to your router.
  • Go to
    The login window appears.
  • Specify the router’s login information.
    Administer is the user name. The password is the one you provided when you first checked in. Both the username and the password must match exactly.
    The page in BASIC appears.
  • Select Wireless.
    It appears on the Wireless Settings page.
  • Select WPA3-Personal under Security Options in the Wireless Network (2.4GHz b/g/n/ax) section.
  • Enter a password for your network under the Security Options (WPA3-Personal) section.
  • This procedure should be repeated for the Wireless Network (5GHz 802.11a/n/c/ax) portion.

Your wireless network has been WPA3 enabled.


If you want to in enable WPA3 security on my NETGEAR Router, we advise that you follow these procedures. If you want the greatest results, strictly adhere to the instructions for each stage. However, if you think you’ll need help with technology even after taking the aforementioned steps, get in touch with our IT specialists. Do we sincerely hope that you enjoy looking through our blog and learning everything you need to know about How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router? Contact or call 800-742-9005 if you need more assistance from skilled experts.

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