How to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10?

How to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10?

How to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10 – Avast Antivirus is one of the pioneers in the field of system & network security. It protects the computer, laptop, or any other device from suspicious malware and online threats. That is the reason keeping it updated is necessary. So if you are the one finding some information on How to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10, then you are at the right place. In this blog by Tech Support Expert, we will discuss the same.

Avast Antivirus is used in more than 230 million devices across the globe. This means that keeping its updates is critical for better efficiency and protection. Companies generally launch updates for their products from time to time for improved functionality and better efficiency. In this blog, we will tell you steps on How to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10. So without any further delay let’s get into the business.How to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10

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Importance of Antivirus Updation

Keeping the application fully updated is critical especially if we talk about antivirus. Antivirus is used by billions of tech geeks around the world. These applications provide protection n to the device or laptop against any suspicious malware attacks and viruses. Thus, the criticality of keeping the antivirus updates is high. Avast is a popular brand name in the field of IT networking and security. The company keeps on launching new updates for better sustainability and working.

Methods to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10

There are few methods by which you can update your Avast Antivirus. Try out the following methods and make sure to follow all the steps in the same manner as mentioned.

Method 1: Update Using User Interface

The first method to try out for updating Avast Antivirus is through the User interface. This method is one of the easiest and reliable ways to keep your Avast Antivirus updated. Follow the below-mentioned steps in a precise manner to perform this method.

  • Go to Avast logo.
  • Launch Avast Antivirus.
  • Now enter the Settings > Update.
  • Select the Update Option next to Program.

Once done with all the steps, make sure that the antivirus is fully updated. Restart your system if prompted as well. If this did not work, then you can move on to the second method.

Method 2: Enable Automatic Update

This is the second method by which you can update your Avast Antivirus. Every system has two prime ways for software updation and one among them is automatic updates. So follow the following steps to perform this method.

  • Navigate to Avast Logo.
  • Launch Avast Antivirus.
  • Enter Settings.
  • From the left panel click on Update
  • Now among all the options, choose the Automatic update
  • Select Automatic Update.

Method 3: Manually Update Avast Antivirus.

You can also try to manually download the Avast Antivirus by doing minor changes in the settings. Follow the steps to perform this method.

  • At first, run the Antivirus by double-clicking on the Avast
  • One done enter the antivirus setting and look for an update
  • From here choose the option “Manual Update”.
  • Select the manual update
  • The system will informal you manually when the update will be available to download.

Method 4: Update via Taskbar

The fourth method that you can try out to Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10 is through the taskbar. It is one of the simplest ways to get this done. So follow the below-mentioned steps in the exact order to fully update your Avast Antivirus using Taskbar.

  • Firstly go to the Avast
  • Double click on the Avast Antivirus icon to launch the application.
  • Once done choose the option Update.
  • Now click on Program.
  • Let the system complete its work and wait till the update has been completed.
  • Now restart the system by navigating to start > Restart.

Get Reliable Solutions against Avast Antivirus Technical Issues

So these were all the methods along with their complete steps by which anyone can Update Avast Antivirus in Windows 10. All the methods are tried and mentioned in an easy language that could be understood by anyone. Our experts have done their complete research and shortlisted these methods that are primarily used to update Avast Antivirus. We hope that this blog was helpful to you and you get the valuable information that you were looking for.

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