How to Update Norton Antivirus in Window 10

How to Update Norton Antivirus in Window 10

How to Update Norton Antivirus in Windows 10 – To protect your system from malware, viruses, and hazards, it is essential to have an effective antivirus such as Norton Antivirus. Whether it’s a PC or Laptop running it without an antivirus is high risk. Norton Antivirus stops the virus from entering your system and it has other features too. It supports both Macintosh OS and windows gadgets. A large number of persons are using this security suite, and are getting many benefits but they don’t know how to update Norton Antivirus in Windows 10.

Our company Tech support expert is a professional and authentic tech company that helps users to resolve tech-related issues, errors, and glitches such as system crashes, infections, etc. Although, Norton Antivirus is an easy-to-use software many users who are using windows 10 have no clue about the steps for updating Norton Antivirus when any software updates it has enhanced features, better compatibility, stability improvement, etc., for better user experience and they can’t avail of these benefits. So, Today in this blog we will update Norton Antivirus through the easiest and precise steps. Let’s know how to update Norton Antivirus in Windows 10.

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Steps to Update Norton Antivirus in Windows 10

Software updates are most important as they often include critical patches for vulnerabilities. Also, they can improve the stability of the software, and remove outdated features that enhance the experience of the user. Similarly, Norton Antivirus is a security software that provides updates from time to time to boost the effectiveness of the software and intensify the enjoyment while using the antivirus. To enjoy those upgrades you need to update your Norton Antivirus security suite in your Windows OS 10.

Here are the steps to update Norton Antivirus in Windows 10, follow the below-mentioned steps, and enjoy the latest upgrades.

Step 1) Run Norton Antivirus security software in your system you are using.

Step 2)  On the startup, you will see a security tab, on the tab click protected.

Step 3) Click on the option “live update” and then hit enter on the “Apply” option.

Step 4) Norton software will automatically check for updates and download if needs.

Step 5) Once in a while, there’ll be a major update to the program called patches.

Step 6) A Patch may take some time to install in the software.

Step 7) Once the installation is done then it’s worth running the “live update” again as you can check there are no updates left.

After following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily update your Norton Antivirus in Windows 10 manually, and you can enjoy the upgrades.

Fix Norton Antivirus Update Problems

The Norton Antivirus is very solid for PCs protection and updating the process of this software is very. But sometimes while updating the software some problems occur and that’s quite disappointing. But you don’t need to be annoyed by this little problem as Tech Support Expert is here to help out with this problem. Many users are blank about the update issues of Norton Antivirus if you are having problems in updating Norton Antivirus then you are at the right spot. We will guide you with some steps to fix update issues in your system.

Here are some accurate steps to Fix Norton Antivirus Update Problems:

  • Disable third-party antivirus:- Sometimes many issues emerge due to the conflict between the built-in windows defender and the Norton Antivirus suite. So you have to do some tweaks to fix these issues. Disable windows defender while installing the updates in your system for Norton Antivirus security software. This will might help you in resolving your issue.
  • Run Norton Software as an administrator:- Limitations imposed on the Norton can cause problems while updating the Norton Antivirus Software. This limitation can be avoided by running Norton with administrative permissions afterward. Here are some steps to run Norton as an administrator.
    • Navigate to the file or folder where Norton is installed.
    • Open the properties of the executable file.
    • Open the Compatibility tab.
    • Click on the option “Run this program as an administrator.”
    • Select the “Apply” option and then hit the enter button.
      Now Norton will start running as an administrator and you won’t see any problems regarding updates.
  • Update Windows:- If you are still having this problem then, we suggest you update your windows, it can solve issues regarding the updates for Norton security software. You can update your running Windows OS by following steps:
    • Open Windows search bar, and type Update, and open Check for updates.
    • Click the option check the updates and install updates if needed.
    • After updating the windows successfully, restart your PC. and try to update Norton security software again.

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