How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another

How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another

How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another – Norton is one of the oldest brands that is delivering superb antivirus programs for the last two decades. This amazing antivirus program provides useful services such as complete system protection, quick scanning, easy threat detection & elimination, etc. That is the reason Norton is chosen by billions to safeguard their PC, Laptop or Computers. But today in this blog, we will discuss one of the most common questions that we receive over the last few months, How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another. If you are also trying to figure out the same, then stay with us till the very end.

It does not matter if you have uninstalled Norton from your system and you want to install it back or you have purchased a new system, we will provide you the complete literature. If you are sure to use Norton Antivirus again to protect your system, then you need to read this article at the end. Through this platform, we will teach you How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another. These are amazing steps by which you can easily accomplish this task.How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another

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Simple Steps to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another

Norton comes with limited subscription licenses that can protect several systems. If you have not utilized all your licenses, then you follow these steps to transfer Norton Security to another device.

Transfer License to New Device

The first thing that you need to do in order to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another is to transfer the license first. You can do this by the following steps:

Step 1: Start the process by signing into your account.

Step 2: Navigate to Device Security and choose the device on which you do not want to use Norton Security.

Step 3: In case, there no device is visible, then go to the History link. This link is available at the bottom of the list of devices.

Step 4: Now below the devices, navigate to More Options,

Step 5: Click on Manage License.

Step 6: Now under the Manage License option, choose the option Remove License and Press Yes.

Step 7: At this stage, your system is no longer protected and also removed from Device Security.

Step 8: For installation purposes, click on the option Install Now.

Step 9: Follow all the instructions coming on your screen to install the Norton Security on New device.

Install Norton Protection on New Device

Once you are done with transferring your license, it’s time to install Norton Protection on a new device. You can do this by following the below-mentioned simple series of steps:

Step 1: At first, sign in to your account.

Step 2: Check the number of licenses left with you.

Step 3: In case the license is unused and available for usage, then download it by clicking on the download button.

Step 4: Now choose the option Send a download link and choose one option among the following:

  1. Enter your email address to get the download link via email.
  2. Choose Text to receive a text message with a link.

Step 5: Click on the Copy Link option to simply copy the download link.

Step 6: Scan the QR code available at the right of your screen to get the application directly on your phone.

So this was all about How to Transfer Norton Security from One Device to Another. We hope you liked this blog and the literature for which you have come here has been served to you. Try out these steps to successfully accomplish this task.

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