How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome

How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome

How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome – Trying to turn on Norton Safe Search? Looking for ways to accomplish this task? We will surely help you out. Norton is a world-class brand that is known for its remarkable products & features. One such feature is Norton Safe Search. This feature protects the system when you search or browse anything online using Google Chrome or any other web browser. It automatically gets installed when the user or for Norton antivirus, security of Norton 360. Therefore, having this enabled will be a win-win situation. In this blog, we will take you through How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome.

Safe Search in Chrome by Norton allows the user to safeguard the device from visiting phishing, risky sites, online virus attacks that might be in the search results. This amazing feature fully analyzes the website that the user navigates using chrome and check if the website is free from potential malware or viruses. Thus, turning on this feature will be beneficial. Through this blog, we will teach you How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome.How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome

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Simple Steps To Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome

The Norton Safe Search comes with Norton Security, Antivirus, or Norton 360. This toolbar gets automatically installed on the system. But in case you are unable to locate the Safe Search option, then you need to first upgrade to the newest version or update your Norton Product.

Now the question arises, How can I get the newest version or update the products? The answer is simple. You can get the newest or updated Norton version from the update center or you can also get in touch with them via calling at the Google chrome toll-free contact number. For the updates, you need to go to your settings > Software Update/ Update > Download the updates.

Once you get the newest or updated version, you have to launch the LiveUpdate in the web browser. Once done with this step, here is How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome:

Step 1: The first step is to Launch the Norton Product on your system. Launch the product by clicking on it twice.

Step 2: Once done with the first step, move to Settings.

Step 3: Under Detailer Settings, hit the option Identify Safety.

Step 4: Click on Configure option located next to Identify Safe Option.

Step 5: From the footer of Norton Identify Safe Window, click on Settings.

Step 6: Now, move to the General tab and hit the Install Extension button.

Step 7: Follow all on-screen instructions to install the Extension.

Alternative Steps to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome

For your additional help, our team has come out with alternative ways by which you can fulfill this task and enable Norton Safe search. Here is How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome:

Step 1: Check the Google Settings by navigating to Google Chrome.

Step 2: Now make sure your Norton Antivirus is functioning properly.

Step 3: If the safe search is not enabled in chrome, then Move to Google Internet Service > Menu > Next.

Step 4: Check/ Un-check the Norton bat to enable safe search Google.

Step 5: Up next you have to hit the Tools option > Add-ons > Extension.

Step 6: Choose the option Norton Security Tools Bar > Norton Password manager.

Step 7: Click on Enable option.

So, these steps are the exact answer to your query How to Enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome. We hope you liked this write-up and the information for which you came here has been provided to you in the way you want. Try out these methods and enjoy Norton Safe Search in Chrome.

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