How to Fix the Arlo Camera When It Does Not Respond

How to Fix the Arlo Camera When It Does Not Respond

Arlo security cameras are undoubtedly one of the best security cameras available in the market. They have cemented a dominating presence in the surveillance market with their top-notch, hi-tech surveillance cameras. Arlo camera comes with built-in spotlights, siren detectors, and better picture clarity leveling up the security standards in your organization. Despite the hi-tech features and high demand, it is usual for electrical gadgets to show errors from time to time. The usual response of any layman in such situations is to call for a trained expert and get the issue resolved. Tech Support Expert is a California-based computer support and service provider, dedicatedly working to providing curated tech solutions to a myriad of daily technical operations. We have brought this blog to guide you on How to Fix the Arlo Camera When It Does Not Respond?

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How to Fix the Arlo Camera When It Does Not Respond

Why your Arlo Camera might not be responding?

Arlo security cameras work through a wireless connection that requires stable internet. There can be a myriad of reasons why your camera may not be responding and showing several errors. Let’s identify the different reasons that might be responsible for the no response from your Arlo cameras. It is not a comprehensive list; probably, your issue may not be mentioned here.  You can reach out to the abovementioned credentials for getting your issue resolved. Some common reasons why your Arlo camera is not responding are given below:

Low Battery:  Arlo cameras require more than 10% battery to work with all its features. Battery less than 10% can cause your Arlo camera to not respond or even completely shut down.

Low connectivity to Base Station:  If your camera is out of range of the base station, it will stop responding and will not work with 100% efficiency.

Problem with Firmware: It is essential to keep your firmware updated as it is necessary for the smooth functioning of Arlo security cameras. Recheck your firmware, to confirm that it is the actual issue.

Check if the camera is on:  More often than not, the camera is simply switched off, leading to no response. It is a simple issue that can be solved by meticulously evaluating the system.

Network Issues: If your network connection is not stable enough, and fluctuates, your system may stop responding. It is a very common issue faced by Arlo camera users.

Fixing the Arlo Camera Issues

Calling a trained tech expert, every time your camera falters or starts acting up can be a costly affair. Using this guide, you can easily identify the errors and solve them using the following mentioned quick and easy steps. Our tech experts work diligently to bring you curated tech solutions. You can easily perform these tech solutions on your system without requiring any assistance from an expert. Browse through the steps to fix your Arlo camera:

Relocate your base station: In case your camera is facing connectivity issues, your camera may not work correctly. You can rectify this issue by relocating your base station to bring the camera under coverage.

Update the firmware: If the issue identified is related to the firmware, update your firmware to get your camera back to work. Updating the firmware is also necessary to safeguard your camera from any virus attacks that might hack your system.

Recharge the Battery: If your camera is not responding due to low battery. Recharge the battery to get your Arlo camera back o working. This issue can be resolved very easily very simply by recharging the battery.

Factory reset your Camera: If your Arlo camera does not respond even after performing all the steps, the last resort is to reset the system. This will clear out all the bugs and glitches that might be causing your camera to not respond.


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