Fix Arlo Camera Offline Issue

Fix Arlo Camera Offline Issue

Technology has taken surveillance up a notch with hi-tech cameras and built-in batteries. Arlo cameras are dominating the surveillance device market with their versatile features. The security camera comes with built-in spotlights, and siren detectors, including better picture clarity and resolution. However, it is usual for tech devices to show errors with unknown sources. It is troublesome to call a trained expert every time your Arlo camera falters or shows an error when you can easily troubleshoot the problem. The offline issue is a very common error in the Arlo camera that troubles most of its users. Tech Support is dedicated to providing you with curated tech solutions through easy to follow guide.

Tech Support Expert is a California-based computer support and service provider. Our company is a leading technology corporation with multiple subsidiaries providing services such as enterprise software products and engineering, mobile solutions, and technical support services. The team of Tech Support Experts endeavors to provide consumers, small offices, and home offices with affordable enterprise-level computer support and protection. The team of Tech Support Experts comprises tech experts from different IT subdomains. Our tech experts toil day and night to render the best tech services to our clients of any kind. Through this blog, we will dig deeper into the offline error in Arlo surveillance cameras and discuss its troubleshooting methods.

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Arlo Camera offline issue

Decoding Arlo Camera Offline Issue

Arlo wireless security cameras have exceled in safeguarding houses and business organizations. There is wide range of cameras for varied security purposes. The company manufactures different models of cameras such as Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro2, Arlo Pro3, Arlo Go, Arlo baby, etc. As Arlo camera is a wireless device and requires an internet connection to work, sometimes an error causes Arlo camera to go offline subsequently shutting down the activity. The issue is confirmed if the camera has no picture, the base station is offline, and the picture is blurry or choppy. Apparently, the user might feel that the camera has completely shut and they perhaps feel the need to replace the security camera. However, the offline issue can be resolved using few easy steps.

Troubleshooting offline camera issue brings numerous factors into consideration such as expired batteries, or it’s simply far away from the base station, or your internet signal is unstable. Once you have identified the core issue, resolving it would only take few extra minutes. Arlo camera may go offline unannounced several times, therefore keep an eye if the camera is working. On finding the offline issue, follow the troubleshoot guide to quickly resolve the issue.

Methods to resolve Arlo Camera Offline Problem

Arlo camera offline issue can be resolved using few troubleshooting steps. Foremost, identify the issue and avoid manhandling the device as it may cause permanent damage. There on proceed to troubleshoot the issue and enjoy the surveillance provided by Arlo wireless camera. Surf through the steps to gain insights about resolving Arlo offline issue:

Check Connectivity

The camera should be placed in a maximum of 300 feet (90 meters) from the base station. If the camera is too far from the base station it might fail to receive the coverage. Ensure the area is covered by Wi-Fi and internet connection is stable enough to support the working of Arlo camera. You can confirm if the camera is synced to base station by checking the solid green light on power LED and internet LED. Bring the camera close to the base station and power cycle it by opening and closing the battery compartment.

Reboot System

This method is followed up by power cycling. In this case, unplug the adapter from the power source. After, few minutes plug it to power source again. It is usual to see green LED light on the base station indicating that Arlo is connected to the internet. Most of the cameras start working fine after, the reboot.

Factory Reset

It is the last resort when the offline issue does not get resolved even after the reboot. Through this method you can get Arlo device back to its default settings. Press and hold the reset button located behind the base station to reset the device.  The device starts with a blinking amber LED light that slowly changes to green LED light, confirming that the device has been reset. You will be required to sign up your account again as you have been logged out.


All electronic devices are prone to errors that can be rectified with using few troubleshooting methods. At Tech Support Expert, you will get solution to any tech problem of yours. Our tech experts are always all ears to hear out your queries and provide curated tech solutions for your daily tech operations. Give us a call at +800-742-9005 to get instant and reliable tech solutions or drop an email at to avail of our tech solutions.

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