How To Fix Arlo Camera Not Charging?

How To Fix Arlo Camera Not Charging?

Arlo cameras are the benefits for people in many ways. But sometimes these technical devices may face many working issues like sometimes these devices not being easy to install, issues like powering them, and also problems related to their charging. Arlo cameras are equipped with high technology. All cameras have the ability to provide secure and right information at the right time. Arlo Technology is a famous company in America that manufactured wireless surveillance cameras. Arlo camera has many features like, an Ac power option, siren, free app, cloud storage, HD video, a hundred percent wire-free, rechargeable batteries, local backup storage, weatherproof, two-way audio, wide angle lens, and scheduling. Charging the Battery of cameras is not a big issue but due to technical errors sometimes the user may face this issue. How to Fix Arlo Camera Not Charging

There are many reasons for the charging issues of Arlo cameras. These reasons include poor connection of adapter cables, wrong plugging of cables, half plugging into the right port, and wrong location of solar panel to charge the camera. Our main concept is how to fix Arlo’s camera not charging. In other words, we can say that the user should find a good way to fix the problem related to charging the cameras. The Arlo camera runs on a lithium battery, and the life of the battery depends on the use of the battery. If the battery of the Arlo camera runs out then recharge it and plugged the power adapter into the wall outlet. The user can directly charge the battery with sunlight. If the user faces a problem related to the charging of the camera then the user may contact the technical officials or tech support experts.  These technical officials are available to fix your problems related to the arlo camera like, how to fix the arlo camera not charging. The user can call Tech Support Expert at 8007429005 or write an email at

 Why your Arlo camera might not be charging

Some technical errors may cause problems for technical devices like CCTV cameras and many other technical appliances. If your Arlo camera is unable to charge, then it can happen because of some active issues with the camera. Here are some particular reasons for charging issues with the Arlo camera.

  1. Fault in power adapter: the power adapter is the main part of the Arlo camera, its main function is to charge the battery, and the power adapter can be damaged at any time. If any fault is found in the power adapter of your Arlo camera, it means this faulty power adapter is unable to charge your Arlo camera as a result battery does not charge fully. Due to the faulty power adapter the cable which connects the camera to the adapter may become faulty.
  2. Damage to battery: If the battery of your Arlo camera is defective or faulty then it can damage your Arlo camera sooner or later. You should fix your damaged battery problem otherwise then your Arlo camera will not turn on.
  3. Location of solar panel: solar penal play an important role in Your Arlo camera, if the solar panel is placed in the wrong place in your camera then it affects the charging system of the battery. On the other hand, if the solar panel of the Arlo camera goes defective then it will not charge the battery of your Arlo camera. In this situation, your Arlo cameras will offline.
  4. Maintenance of the camera: maintenance is mandatory for every device not only for the camera because it will help the device to work properly and for a long time. If we talk about the Arlo camera then its maintenance is very important. The reason for not properly charging of Arlo camera is not well maintained.
  5. Charger compatibility: the charger is the main device of the Arlo camera which helps the battery to charge. Irreconcilable of the entire charging setup is the main cause of not charging of Arlo camera. On the other hand, if the user uses another company charger for charging the Arlo camera then it never charges the Arlo camera or damages the camera sooner or later.

Solutions to fix the problem of Arlo camera not charging

If the user notices the issues related to the charger then it is mandatory to understand the causes of the problems first. And then try to fix the charging-related issues with the help of the following tips for solutions.

  1. Check the connection of cables properly: The user should ensure that the power cable is properly connected and also check whether the cable is faulty or not.
  2. Change the charger: if the user fined that the charger of the Arlo camera is defective then replace the older one with a new one.
  3. Cleaning: It is important for the user to clean the charging dock of the Arlo camera, and use a small brush to clean the charging point and dock to remove dirt and debris.
  4. Look over the battery: the user should inspect the battery of the camera on a regular basis and check properly that the battery is defective or not burned.
  5. Check the way of using the camera: the user should take care of the Arlo camera while using if the user will not use the camera carefully then it can damage the charging dock faulty.
  6. Replacement of solar panel: it is very important for the user to change the solar panel to the right location right above the camera. Make sure that the solar panel of the Arlo camera is getting proper sunlight.

 Contact the expert team of Tech Support Experts

 If the user of the Arlo camera does not fix the problem of how to fix the Arlo camera charging on their own then contact us without any hesitation at the below-mentioned address. Our team will be available for you at any time.

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