How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera?

How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera?

How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera- The Arlo Camera is gaining a lot of popularity these days and because of this, the security purposes of the people have become an easy resource to look after. These are the wireless devices that promote the safety of one’s place and along with that, it is also easy to install. But the area to look after in the process is that the working of the Arlo Carmea depends on the suitable WiFi Network and only due to this sometimes does the camera face trouble in recording the footage and also with the smooth working process too. 

How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera


The Relation of Arlo Camera and WiFi Network

The Arlo Camera is a wireless device that initiates the working mechanism for safety purposes and which is why, its process involves the internet networks. The camera workers in the field of WiFi because only due to this, one can get the recording done and store the uninterrupted data too. If there is an issue with the working of the camera or there is an issue with the recordings, most of the time is linked to poor network quality.

Now that you think that you may change the WiFi, well the question stands on How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera?

Basic WiFi Speed Required

Each and every Arlo Camera is required high speed for feasible working conditions and most of the thing that is necessary are that, choosing a Wifi network that provides at least 2.4 GHz of speed. If by any chance it is low, the person faces the trouble then the best and the most suitable option will be changing your wifi network on priority. The point that needs concentration is that, Arlo Camer doesn’t work with the 5 GHz speed.

Through this blog, Tech Support Experts will provide you with all the important steps that will help you clear all the doubts regarding How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera?

Steps to Change Wifi Networks on Arlo Camera

The team of Tech Support Experts is here to guide you with the appropriate solution of How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera. We hold a team of tech professionals that are aware of each and every motive on how to change the network setting and what are all the requirements to fulfill the objective. Kindly look at the steps mentioned below for further details on the topic. 

Arlo Application Requirement

The first and foremost task of the procedure is that, kindly note that you must have an Arlo Camera Application and that it has to be with the upgraded version only. 

Open Settings of Arlo Camera Application

Now the next step belongs to that setting. Launch the Arlo Camera Application and follow up towards Settings > My Devices.  This is one of the important steps for “How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera”

Networks of Arlo Camera

In the setting, you need to move on to the next step which is, Networks. In this you can see which Wifi network is linked and also, you can change the network through it. 

Change Networks of Arlo Camera

One is required to choose the Wifi Networks device and that change to Wifi network as per their comfort.

Note that, the Wifi network you are choosing has to be with a minimum speed of 2.4 GHz.

Enter Wifi Password

Now for “How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera” when you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you are now suggested to enter the Wifi name and password and finally confirm.

Sync the Network to follow up with How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera

 Now that you have entered the wifi networks, the important step is that you must let the networks sync on their own with your Arlo Camer Device without any interruption. 

You will know the Sync process is done when the LED will turn on on its own.

QR Code Acceptance

After the success of the above process for How to Change Wifi on Arlo Camera, you may now have to proceed further by following the QR code provided on the device. 

Scan the OR Code and let the beep sound come on its own. Tap and continue. 

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