Why Is Arlo Camera Blinking Blue?

Why Is Arlo Camera Blinking Blue?

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue – Arlo cameras have become popular worldwide to safeguard your premises. However, electronic gadgets, sometimes falter and start acting up. If your Arlo camera is blinking blue and you have no idea how to solve this, do not worry and use this guide prepared by Tech Support Expert. We are USA based computer support organization, providing curated tech solutions to small offices and homes. 

We are a California-based computer support and service provider. Tech Support is a leading technology corporation with subsidiaries that provide enterprise software products & engineering, mobile solutions, and technical support service. Use this list prepared by Tech Support to find solutions to your Arlo Camera  Blinking Blue. 

Why Is Arlo Camera Blinking Blue?

Different LED Behaviours in Arlo Camera 

Arlo manufactures different versions of security cameras such as Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4, and the Ultra 3 Floodlight camera. The LED light pattern is similar in all the cameras and means the same thing. You will usually notice two types of blue LED patterns, mentioned below: 

Slow blue light – A slow blue usually indicates that the camera is in the process of pairing with a smart hub or base station. 

Fast blue light – A fast blue light means that the Arlo Camera has found and paired with a smart hub or base station. 

It is suggested to check the front face of the camera to determine the helpful meaning of the blinking blue light that may answer the question of why it is blinking. Many people get puzzled when they notice a blinking blue light on their Arlo security camera which is indicative of the ongoing firmware update meaning that the camera should not be turned off. 

Become Acquainted with your Arlo Camera 

Arlo security cameras are a leading brand of an internet-connected camera system. Knowing the signals that indicate something may be amiss when the LED lights are not a solid color would help you better understand your security camera, and how it functions. 

Firmware is software, installed on the small memory chip on many hardware devices. It allows updates to take place on different devices like smartphones and cameras. This computer program is permanently contained in all the hardware devices. Being aware of different LED lights will help you to know about the  Arlo camera firmware updates which will cause the light to blink blue and orange.  

Key Points to Know about Arlo Camera Blue Light 

  • The light is normally a solid blue if the pack is fully charged. 
  • The camera begins to flash blue during sync unless the motion test feature is on.
  • As you know that the camera should update from time to time, if you do not notice it updating then press and hold the sync button for five seconds until it starts blinking blue. Follow this step by disconnecting the Arlo security light’s AC adapter and taking out the battery. 
  • If the Arlo camera is placed far away from the Wi-Fi range, it will start flashing a blue or purplish color. 

How Becoming Familiar with Arlo Camera Benefits in the Longrun 

Installing Arlo Cameras is deemed the best decision from a security point of view. However, knowing the troubleshooting techniques, save you tons of time and effort. The blinking blue light is a very common issue faced by consumers, after installing the Arlo security camera. It is nearly impossible to predict the problem before it has actually happened, therefore it is always useful to stay informed about the troubleshooting techniques. The solid blue light is an indicator that the camera is functioning properly but people usually panic as they don’t know what to do. 

What to do when Arlo Camera is Blinking Blue Light

  • When the firmware is updating, don’t do anything to the camera, base station, or internet connection. 
  • All the LED lights on the smart hub and base station for the camera have a meaning.  The lights blink once when powered on, a blinking slow blue when ready to pair and sync with the camera, and a fast blinking blue when the siren is paired with the camera. 
  • Make sure that the battery in the equipment is fully charged to complete the update process. 
  • If the batteries are completely dead, the LED lights will blink a rapid blue. 
  • While recharging the light blinks for 3 seconds whereas when completely charged, the lights will blink for only 2 seconds.

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