How to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating on Windows?

How to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating on Windows?

Users will only get emails after selecting the “Update Folder” option from the Send/Get tab in Outlook when the Outlook Inbox fails to update. You might also experience delays in email sending and receiving, as well as sluggish or unresponsive search performance.

Outlook inbox not updating issues can be caused by a number of things, including outdated software, antivirus or firewall incompatibilities, and server issues. A shaky network connection, an extremely large local cache, broken or corrupted PST files, or problems with synchronization between offline and online objects are some other possible causes.

Restarting Outlook, testing your internet connection, or restarting your computer are simple steps that can frequently fix the problem of the Outlook inbox not updating.

1. Clean Up a Folder

Outlook Inbox not updating could be caused by an overflowing inbox of emails. Consequently, making room for new messages can be achieved by clearing out any obsolete emails or folders. Remember that unnecessary emails are transferred to the Deleted Items folder.

  • Right-click the folder you wish to clean.
  • Select the Clean Up Folder button from the drop-down menu
  • Click Clean Up Folder in the pop-up window that appears.
  • Confirm your action by clicking OK in the warning dialog box.

2. Create a New Outlook Profile

Close Outlook and go to the Control Panel.

Find and click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32-bit), then select Show Profiles

Press Add, assign a new profile name, and click OK.

Enter your email credentials manually, including your username and password, and then click Next.

Complete any additional steps as prompted, and select Finish when the account has been added.

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3. Clear OST Files

Damaged or corrupted OST files may prevent Outlook from upgrading. Eliminating these files might solve the issue and free up more storage for incoming emails.

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.

Type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and hit Enter.

Locate the OST files within the Outlook folder that opens, right-click them, and select Delete.

4. Increase the inbox Rate

When connected, Outlook is configured by default to automatically refresh every 30 minutes. It sends any messages in your outbox and downloads incoming messages during this time. Your Outlook inbox may not be updating your emails as quickly as it should because of this delay.

For certain users, nevertheless, this interval can be too slow. You can raise the refresh rate, but be careful not to lower it below five minutes, as this may cause Outlook to crash during the download process.

Open Outlook and select the File tab.

Click on Options and then Advanced.

Go to the Send/Receive section.

In that section, adjust the settings in the Send/Receive box

Set a preferred interval for automatic send/receive.

Close the dialog box and click OK to save your settings.

5. Enable Send Immediately Option

The ability to send emails instantly in Microsoft Outlook is essential since, in the absence of this feature, emails could remain in your outbox for a predetermined period. Emails may get stranded in the outbox, so turning on this option will fix the issue of the inbox not refreshing.

Open Outlook, and navigate to the File tab.

Choose Options, and proceed to Advanced.

Find the Send and Receive section.

Tick the box for Send immediately when connected, and then press OK.

6. Verify Outlook Settings

To connect to the mailbox server and synchronize mail items, it is imperative to ensure that the account settings and email credentials are entered correctly.

Open Outlook and access the File tab.

Select Account Settings and choose your email account

Click on Change.

Review and, if necessary, update your email information, then select Next.

Once the verification is complete, click Done.

7. Repair Your Microsoft Office

Outlook’s capacity to refresh the inbox may be compromised if Microsoft Office is tainted or destroyed. Fixing Microsoft Office might be the solution to this problem.

Open the Control Panel, select Programs, and then click on Uninstall a program.

Locate Microsoft Office in the list, and click Change.

Opt for Repair in the following window and click Continue

Choose Quick Repair from the repair window, then click Repair.

Complete the repair process following the on-screen instructions.

Once finished, a message stating Done Repair should appear on the screen.

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