How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099- Cannon Printer problems are very common. There is an error occurrence that is noticed by a person with frequent use of the Canon printers. If you are suffering from hurdles caused due the error code 099, here we have a solution for you. Relaxing your mind, we offer How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099


Tech Support Experts is a team of professionals who serve the commendable expertise solution without the presence of experts. The basic function required to cure the error 099 is offered in the blog. As we mentioned in the details on How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099, it is expected to follow each step one by one.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099?

A step-by-step guide on How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099 is mentioned below with the best details. Following the mentioned steps will provide an outcome of better results. With the solution that is mentioned below you may not require a professional and expert presence in solving the Error Code 099. This is a basic error that involves the basis of troubleshooting.

Restart or Reboot the Printer

This is an initial step on How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099.

Most of the time, the errors of cannon printers such as the Error Code 099 can be resolved anytime. Restarting the printer removes the bugs which is one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of error.

Here are the steps to restart the printer.

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Disconnect all the wires of the printer connected to the printer.

This will switch off your printer but before starting it gain wait for some time.

Check for the Updates

Many times the errors are noticed when the updated version of the printer’s drive is not available. It is thereby important to install the updates in order to prevent the damage caused due to errors.

This is an important step to perform for How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099.

  • Move towards the Windows option.
  • Enter Run in the search bar.
  • a window will appear under which type“devmgmt.msc” and press enter.
  • Next, you are required to visit the printer’s queue.
  • You will notice an option of Canon printer, right click on it.
  • Find “Update Driver” in the list and tap.
  • Select “Check for automatically updated driver program.”
  • Next, you are required to follow the on-screen instruction as mentioned and follow the steps.

Restart the Printer Spooler

If neither of the steps offers the desirable results, you are then required to restart the printer’s spooler to cure the error of How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099.

The steps for starting the spooler again are mentioned below.

  •  Press the Windows key + R. You will notice the “Run” dialog will appear on the screen.
  • Type “services.msc,” and press Enter.
  • A file will open with many sites in a list. Find “Print Spooler” in it.
  • Right-click on the printer’s spooler.
  • Click on “Restart.”

Let the screen function accordingly nas without any interruption. This mayt ensure the desirable outcome and thereby help in the removal of Error 099.

Default Printer’s Settings

A common reason the printer suffers from errors is the occurrence of bugs in the printer. To get the appropriate results on How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099, follow the mentioned steps.

  • Open Contol Panel
  • Go to Printers and Devices
  • There you will notice whether the Cannon Printer is set as default or not.
  • If not, right-click on “Canon printer”.
  • Click on “Set as default.”
  • Once you set it as a default, ensure it’s working by check-in in on the green light.

Troubleshooting Cannon Printer

If any of the above steps do not work, it is now time to troubleshoot the printer.

  • Go to Start.
  • Click on System Setting.
  • Find the connected devices and click on them.
  • You will notice the list of several options of the devices which are connected to your systems such as mouse, printer, etc.
  • Right-click on Printer.
  • Click on Troubleshoot. Enter Confirm
  • Let it troubleshoot and follow the instructions below.

Get the Prints!

We hope that the above-mentioned steps in How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 099 will offer you a commencing result. The steps are very basic and hence these are beneficial in removing the error without any technician’s help. 

It is important that follow each and every step as mentioned. Cannon Printers face many errors other than Error 099. If you face any problems and require help from experts, contact Tech Support Expert.

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