How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers

How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers

How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers –  Printers are common to all households, small and large houses, government offices, and other business professionals. Canon printers are highly popular in the market for their innovative features and technological advancements. However, it is common for printers to act up and show various errors. E202-0002 is a common error faced in Canon printers that troubles most people and organizations. The errors can be solved using a few easy steps on your own instead of reaching out to a tech expert. Tech Support Expert has compiled a blog on How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers including all the details. 

Tech Support Expert is a reliable name for getting assistance in virus removal, operating system and software installation and issue fixing, password resets, hardware and memory installation done on the spot. You can trust this blog on How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers to get valuable troubleshooting techniques to resolve this issue. You can easily troubleshoot the issue with these steps and smoothly run your printer. Read the blog further to learn more about the various causes of E202-0002 error and its various causes. 

How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers

E202-0002 Error and its Main Causes 

E202-0002 is a hardware error that is mostly power-based. The problem is caused due to the paper feed or paper path. As per the service manual of the Canon printer, the E202-0002 was displayed when the CIS (Contact Image Sensors) unit didn’t move to HP. The possible causes of E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers are mentioned as follows: 

  • Error in reader motor 
  • Error in HP sensor
  • Error in CIS unit 

The error E202-0002 can also be caused due to a connection problem between the flat cable and the main controller board in your Canon image class printer. The problem in connection adversely affects the functioning of the contact sensor thereby causing the error E202-0002. This error does not allow the printer to print, copy, or scan features from the Canon multifunction device. Let’s discuss different troubleshooting techniques to solve the E202-0002 error in Canon Printers.  

How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers

The E202-0002 error in your Canon printer indicates that there is an issue preventing your printer from working correctly. The issue can be caused due to several factors such as connectivity problems, outdated or improperly installed drivers, printer spooler settings, default printer configurations, or even port settings. Read through the steps given below to get more insights on how to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers. 

Ensure Your Printer is Online 

If your printer is in offline mode it can also trigger the Canon E202-0002 error. You can fix this issue by following the steps given below: 

  •  Move to the Windows Search Bar on your PC and type “Control Panel,” then press Enter.
  • Select “Device and Printers” and choose your printer model.
  • If the printer is in an Offline state, right-click on it and uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” option.
  • By applying these steps, your printer will be back in online mode, and the Canon printer error state issue will be resolved.

Check If the Printer is Set as Default 

Another way to troubleshoot the issue E202-0002 is by checking if the printer is set as default. Follow the steps given below to check if the printer is set as default. 

  • Open the Control Panel from the Run dialog box.
  • Navigate to the ‘Device and Printers’ section.
  • Select your Canon printer, right-click on it, and choose “Set as Default Printer” from the list.
  • The green check mark on your Canon printer indicates that it’s set as the default printer.

Check for Jammed Papers 

The error E202-0002 is usually caused by to problem in the paper feed or paper path. In case the papers have jammed inside the printers, this error may be seen. You can resolve this issue by making sure that there are no papers stuck inside or removing any paper scraps or foreign objects that may be causing the error. 

Clean the Paper Feed Rollers 

You can also troubleshoot the error E202-0002 in Canon printers by cleaning the paper feed rollers. The dust and debris get collected on the paper feed rollers and cause the errors. You can clean the paper feed rollers with a soft linen cloth or a cotton-swab moistened with water. Make sure your printer is switched off before you start cleaning. 


The E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers is commonly faced due to some issue with hardware of the printer. This comprehensive guide on How to Solve the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers is an excellent way identify the possible causes and troubleshoot the issue. In case you are troubleshoot the issue yourself you are requested to contact support of Canon printers or reach out to the Tech Support Expert for the best assistance on troubleshooting the E202-0002 Error in Canon Printers. 


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