How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router

How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router

How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router – Over the decades, internet consumption and usability have accelerated across the world up to a great extent. Simultaneously, the modes of internet service providers have also changed as well as the modes of receiving internet have changed as well. The router is undoubtedly the best source to get wireless internet connectivity. TP-Link is among very few companies that manufacture high-class portable routers. The routers delivered by TP-Link come with a USB port and they allow the users to get internet access on the go. So, if you own a TP-Link WiFi router and you want to learn How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router, then read this blog till the end.

Internet is the need of the arc. It is one of the biggest necessities of humans that has now become an integral part of our lives. With the development of routers, getting access to fast and reliable internet services has become much easier than before. Routers are easy to use and you can install them easily at your home without any external support. But still, people often get caught up in the setup process. But anymore! If you belong to a non-technical background and you want to know How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router, then down below we have provided a simple installation guide that will allow you to set up your TP-Link WiFi Router.How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router

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How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router

The search for all TP-Link users who want to figure out the process to set up their WiFi Router ends here. Down below, our experts have provided a simple guide that will allow you to accomplish the job of setting up the TP-Link Wireless Router. But before we move ahead, make sure to follow all the steps in the same order as they are mentioned. So, here is How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router:

Step 1: Start the process by installing the application. For this, all you have to do is navigate to the App Store or play store and search TP-Link > Click on Install. This application will allow you to set up your TP-Link WiFi router and manage it.

Step 2: Once done, connect the TP-Link WiFi Router. For this, you need to locate the modem and insert the network cable into the connector (Yellow) on your modem.

Step 3: Now, establish an Internet Connection using a new router.  For this, move to the WiFi settings on your smartphone and locate the new router. Establish a connection using the information mentioned below at the bottom of the router.

Step 4: Up next, login into the Tether Application. Go to the TP-Link Tether application, open it and look for network. Press and hold the icon to initiate the installation process. Further, enter the name and password.

Step 5: Here, you have to adjust the settings of the router by navigating to the settings of the router. For this, you have to choose the connection type, name the network, or set the password.

Step 6: Once done, save the changes made in settings and connect to the internet.

Step 8: Now, link to TP-Link cloud. This will allow you to control your TP-Link WiFi Router remotely through the application.

So, this is How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router. We hope that now you are familiar with the steps that will help you to accomplish the job of setting a new TP-Link WiFi Router. It is expected that you liked this blog and you have got the required information that you were looking for. Be careful while performing the steps and make sure to follow everything in the exact same manner as they are mentioned.

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