How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?

How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?

How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?- Are you bothered by the frequent disconnections of your TP-Link power line adapter? If so, the power supply may be experiencing regular disruptions as a result of some power source fluctuations. You must connect your adapter somewhere else if you are unsure of the power supply’s functionality. You must verify that your network connections are secure if your powerline adapter disconnects. Alternating the outlet you are using is another option. Check to see whether the colored lights are pointing to a separate issue. You can reset your adapter if none of these solutions work. In, this blog, we’ll learn How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?. So let’s discuss each one in turn.

How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?One of the leading companies that manufacturers and sells Wi-Fi routers all over the world is TP-Link. Their routers are renowned for their excellence and effectiveness throughout the world. The TP-Link routers are used by several ISPs to provide Wi-Fi service to their customers, but you can also buy these routers directly from an online or technical store. Here are some troubleshooting procedures you can use if your TP-Link router is giving you problems, such as the “TP Link router keeps disconnecting” for your home or workplace network. Check out these prerequisites, symptoms, and reasons of the router keeps losing connection before attempting the solutions provided below.

Possible Reasons that TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting

To begin with, you must confirm that the internet functions properly and without interruption while the computer is connected to your internet modem. In the event that the internet is unstable, contact your ISP to perform some troubleshooting. Contact your ISP and make sure the internet line is connected properly if it is a modem or router. Additionally, you must determine whether the internet is reliable. Do that when a cable is connected from the PC to the router. The following are some potential causes of the TP Link router loosing WIFI:

1) Modifications in power

Power problems could result in disconnections. The power line itself may also present a problem.

2) Issues with Internet Connections

Aside from other incompatibilities, outdated firmware versions might lead to powerline adapter disconnections.

3) System Problems

If you notice any colors that are different from the regular ones, there is likely a significant system issue. An easy way to fix this issue is to reset your computer, either softly or hardly.

Now that you are aware of the root causes and symptoms of the problem, let’s look at a solution for the TP Link router disconnects frequently.

How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?

Before continuing, have you ever tried unplugging and replugging your powerline adapter from the outlet? The entire procedure entails waiting until there is one power fluctuation, then reinserting the power adapter. Try additional remedies if this is unable to assist you in solving your issue.

Solution 1: Try a different power source

You might try switching your electrical outlet if your power adapter keeps disconnecting. The TP-Link powerline adapter shouldn’t be connected to any strips, according to numerous users, as doing so can cause fluctuations.

Additionally, make sure your adapter is plugged into a wall outlet that was previously used by another device. This will guarantee that your adapter’s power supply is enough.

Solution 2: Examine Your Network for Issues

You must attempt network troubleshooting if the aforementioned fixes don’t work. If you discover that your home’s internet isn’t functioning, your powerline adapter may have become disconnected.

In this situation, you must take the necessary actions to troubleshoot your network and resolve every network-related issue.

Solution 3: Force Your Router to Reset

Refreshing your network requires a hard reset of your router.

The easy procedures that you must follow in order to execute a power cycle or hard reset are listed below.

Step 1: Unplug your device’s power adapter for at least five minutes.

Step 2: Connect the power adapter to the primary electrical outlet.

Step 3: You must turn on your router and turn on the network when you notice that it feels cold to the touch.

Solution 4: Reduced Network Usage

Several speed-related problems that can disconnect your devices may manifest depending on how much bandwidth your network is using. Consequently, it is always advised to restrict network usage.

The easy steps you must take to decrease network use are shown below.

Step 1: Reduce the high-quality streaming.

Step 2: Halt any presently occurring downloads or uploads.

Step 3: Halt file seeding till the conclusion of the post.

Step 4: Disconnect superfluous wireless network-connected gadgets.

Solution 5: Update the router

It’s critical that you make sure your router is updated. A smartphone app lets you quickly access your router. It is simple to manually update. If your router doesn’t have an app, enter into your web browser instead. You must then visit the control panel and log in with your default credentials.

Solution 6: Reconnect all of the cables is option six.

Your TP-Link powerline adapter will start disconnecting once your adapter is pointed in the appropriate direction. There is a probability that the wires in your configuration have an issue. Therefore, it is advised that you reconnect all of the cables and check your wiring. The steps you must take to reconnect your cables are listed below.

Step 1: Disconnect the power adapter’s ethernet cable.

Step 2: Please check to see whether your Ethernet cable has any hardware damage.

Step 3: Reconnect your ethernet cable to the power adapter.

Check to see if the disconnect issue persists after you have finished reconnecting.


Make sure it is close to the router and perform a hard reset on your TP-Link powerline adapter before attempting to fix it. Examine the cable connections, perform an adapter reset, attempt pairing with different adapters, and troubleshoot your network. We hope that by using our recommendations, you were able to fix the issue at home now that you understand why the TP Link powerline adapter keeps disconnecting. Follow each step exactly as it is written in this article for the greatest results. However, if you believe that you will still need technical support even after taking the aforementioned steps, get in touch with our tech professionals. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this blog and learn the information on How to Fix TP Link Powerline Adapter Keeps Disconnecting?. Contact us at 800-742-9005 or if you need more help from trained experts.

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