How To Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152

How To Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152

How To Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152 – Errors and technical glitches are common with applications, especially with antivirus. McAfee is a world-class brand that brings top-notch antivirus programs. The antivirus security programs offered by McAfee are well known across the globe for their reliable services. But many times the users can encounter Error Code 12152 while downloading or installing the application from the website. If you have such an error with your McAfee product wanted to learn How to Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152, then we will surely help you out!

Issues related to download and installation are pretty normal. But when it comes to antivirus, it could be frustrating. And trust us when we say, such issues can make you frustrated as well. Therefore, fixing such an issue becomes utterly important. If you are trying to wipe out this issue from its roots, then you have reached the right platform. This blog will cover the simple ways on How to Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152.How To Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152

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What is Error Code 12152 and Its Causes?

Encountering error code 12152 while downloading the McAfee application from the website is a common practice. While downloading the application, the download process might get halted and the error code shown is 12152. The user also might get the prompt “Unable to complete the download process”.

Reasons Why You are Getting Error Code 12512:

  1. The issue with McAfee Download servicers.
  2. Corrupted McAfee installation.
  3. Incomplete installation of the application.
  4. Malware or viruses in Windows.
  5. Deleted antivirus files.

Signs of Error Code 12152:

  1. Application crash.
  2. Unable to complete installation.
  3. Sudden system freeze.

Easy Ways to Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152

This section of the blog will take you through the simple ways to fix this issue. All you have to do is adhere to the steps in the exact same order as mentioned to reap out the best result. So, here is How To Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152:

Remove Temporary Files

The first recommended thing to do when you encounter Error Code 12152 is to wipe out system junk that is temporary files and folders. At times, the system accumulates temporary or junk files due to internet usage. If not cleaned, they can cause McAfee to encounter Error Code 12152.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean temporary or junk files from your system. Although, doing this will not fully fix the issue but it can speed up the performance of software and your system.

Here are the steps to clean junk files:

  1. Start the process by running the command box.
  2. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R button.
  3. Now, type %temp% in the space provided.
  4. Press Enter
  5. Select all files by pressing Ctrl + A.
  6. Choose the option Delete.
  7. Doing this will remove all temporary files for your system.

Alternative Method to Fix Error Code 12152

You can follow the steps mentioned below to wipe out this error from it roots. But before we move to the steps, you need to close the programs or applications running in the background. Here is How to Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152 through this method:

  1. Begin the troubleshooting process by downloading the MCPR tool.
  2. Once done with the downloading process, navigate to Download Folder > Double click on the downloaded file > Press the buttons Ctrl + J.
  3. Now, click on Yes on security questions.
  4. Choose the option run/continue.
  5. Click on Next on the McAfee Software Removal screen and tap on Agree to accept the terms of the agreement.
  6. On the security validation screen, type the code provided in the box > Click on Next.
  7. At last on the completion of the process, you will get a removal complete message.
  8. Click on Finish top eradicate the error.
  9. Now, try to download and install the antivirus application to keep your device protected.

Get Remarkable Technical Assistance from Our Experts

We hope that this article came to your rescue and you have got the necessary information that you are looking for. You can try out these methods and eliminate Error Code 12152 from its roots. Similar to How to Fix McAfee Download Error Code 12152, you can get remarkable technical assistance regarding all technical concerns from our experts. Dial 800-742-9005 or send us your query via email at to know more.

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