Check Belkin router’s IP Address in Windows 10
To find the Belkin router's local IP Address, check the IP settings of the computer Windows 10. Step1. On the Taskbar, click the [...]
Troubleshooting Apple Watch
1. Force-quit : Force-quit an app on the Watch is perfect, if only one app seems to be misbehaving. Don’t need to restart your [...]
Reset the HomePod using the iPhone
Need to reset a HomePod you can also use the iPhone or iPad you used to set it up with. Open the Home app on the iPhone or iPad [...]
Reset the HomePod without the iPhone
Need to reset a HomePod but don’t have access to the iPhone or iPad. Follow below steps : Unplug the HomePod. Plug the [...]
iPhone can’t see HomePod ?
What to do if your iPhone can’t see HomePod ? Sometime, At the time of initial set up, iPhone and HomePod not playing nicely [...]
HomePod isn’t showing up as an AirPlay source
What to do if HomePod isn’t showing up as an AirPlay source If you don’t see HomePod as an available device when using AirPlay run [...]
WhatsApp Will Now Let You Delete Messages For Everyone Even After An Hour
Often people make silly mistakes in sending messages in WhatsApp group. This was addressed by WhatsApp as the company allowed users to [...]
10 Tips to improve windows 10 performance
Tired of a slow PC? Need a safe online experience as never before? Here are list of important steps to improve performance [...]
Check for low disk space and make some room
It would be a great idea to free unused space (memory) to improve performance on your PC. To check for low disk space Select [...]
Reset your Windows 10 PC
When you reset your PC, you can choose whether you want to keep your personal files or remove them, then have Windows reinstalled. [...]

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