Troubleshooting Apple Watch

Troubleshooting Apple Watch

1. Force-quit : Force-quit an app on the Watch is perfect, if only one app seems to be misbehaving. Don’t need to restart your device to attempt a fix! To do this, start by holding down the side button on your Watch (with the app in question running) until screen appear with the options for powering down.

When screen shows up, push the Digital Crown in for a few seconds until the app quits.

If you then relaunch the app, the problem will likely be resolved.

2. Restart : “Turning watch off and on again?” Hold down the aforementioned side button until the power-down screen appeared.

Slide from left to right across “Power Off,”.  Hold the side button (until you see the Apple logo appear) to turn it back ON.

3. Force shut down: If Watch has locked up completely, say, you may not be able to access the “Power Off” button to try a restart. In that case, you can force the device to shut down by holding down both the side button and the Digital Crown until the screen turns off (about ten seconds). And turn it back ON. Don’t just attempt this as a matter of course! If you can use the regular restart method, always do that first.

4. Reset: Reset the info that contacts and calendars use to sync, so if you’re having trouble with those apps not showing the most up-to-date stuff on Watch, then this would be a good step to try.

For this, you’ll open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap on the “General” option under the “My Watch” tab, and then scroll down to find “Reset.”

Afterward, you’ll see the “Reset Sync Data” choice.

As Apple has pointed out underneath that button, this’ll erase the contacts and calendars data from your Watch and re-sync it all, which’ll hopefully get rid of any underlying problems!

5. Unpair and re-pair : Don’t undertake this process lightly. But if you can’t seem to get anything to work despite trying the steps above, then it might be time to consider wiping your Watch and restoring it. To do that, follow the instructions Apple has laid out for unpairing the misbehaving Watch from your iPhone—which’ll automatically make a backup of it—and then set it up again, using that backup to put everything back where it was. This really is a last resort, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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