Snapchat kills auto advance for better new one

Snapchat kills auto advance for better new one

Auto advance feature on app Snapchat would be removed , announced by snapchat via official blog.

The social network said that it would replace it with a new feature called Story Playlist that lets users get better control on what they want to see next.

What the next ?

Auto-Advance was not exactly well received by Snapchat users. While it did seem cool at first with stories Auto-Advance playing all of your Stories in recent updates back-to-back, it does get annoying because the change made it impossible to individually choose which Story to watch.

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By Team Snapchat ,

“Unfortunately, this change made it impossible to individually choose which Story to watch. Sometimes we just want to see what our close friends or family are up to – not all of our friends – and Auto Advance prevented that
Starting today for select Snapchatters in our Android community and rolling out soon across all Android and iOS, the Auto Advance feature will be removed to give you control of your Story viewing experience once again! 

In short you would not be able to choose. So what happens with Auto Advance gone? Well, Snapchat introduced Story Playlist as a newer better version of it.

Story Playlist lets you do exactly what Auto-Advance did not. It lets you select the stories you want to watch and then lets you view them fullscreen back to back. Since it is a playlist, it will also let you select the order, which is pretty cool! “

How do you use it?

“Tap on the Story thumbnail to the left of your friend’s name to add their Story to your playlist. Hit the play button at the bottom of the screen to watch!” says Snapchat.

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