Ah! My Snapchat account hacked or compromised

Ah! My Snapchat account hacked or compromised

snapchat account hacked

Unwanted activities that are not done on your end be a signal of compromising of your snapchat account. If your Snapchat account is experiencing suspicious behavior, like :

  • Spam sent from your  account
  • If you’re alerted that someone logged into your account from a different location, IP address, or device
  • Having to continually re-login to the app
  • Have contacts added to your list without your permission
  • If the mobile number or email address associated with your Snapchat account was changed without your consent

Above activities point that your account may have been hacked or compromised.

If you feel your account has been compromised, please follow the below steps immediately :

  1. Change your password Select a unique and little complex password that must be collection of at least 8 characters, and must be a mixture of numbers, symbols and capital and lowercase letters. You should avoid followings in your password : Your name, username, mobile number, birthday, any personal information
  2. Verify Also verify that email address and mobile number connected with your account are accurate in snapchat settings. IF find something wrong , you can request a password reset link by ‘Forget your password?’ . 

Activate Login Verification means two-factor authentication. It is an optional feature that helps maintain your Snapchat account more secure. Please click here to understand more. 

Never give your Snapchat acount details to an unofficial website. And beware from phishing websites may look similar the official Snapchat page.


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