How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows

How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows

How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows

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Reminder Before the Installation of the Xerox Printer Driver on Windows

There are some key factors that are recommended to look after while you process the work of How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows. These are the necessary procedures that must be followed by the person for the attainment of a Xerox printer’s software drive in Windows. Here we have mentioned the measure below.

Check the Plug 

Before the setup for the Xerox Printer’s software installation, it is a need to check whether the printer is properly plugged in or not. It is mandatory to check the wires and check that they may not involve any short circuits.

Connection with Computer

There needs to be a proper connection between the printer and the computer as only then you can make the accomplishment fulfilled and start with your process of How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows.

The WiFi Connections

Keep your WiFi updated and check its speed too. It is necessary to let the software, be installed in a place where the signal of the networks is fast and easily available. The interruption in the mechanism may become the reason for the appearance of hurdles.

Software Upgrades

Before you proceed further with the process of Xerox Printer’s Software Installation it is important that you keep a check on your previous software. Befoone needs to verify that weather the older version of the software is installed in the system or not.

Download the Pinter Drive Software

Now this is important as only this will manage your installation process and then you can carry on with the procedure smoothly. After you absorb the changes, you can now follow up with the setting such as Page Description Language options and banner pages, which can be configured using the Embedded Web Server.

Printers Requirements for the Process of Xerox Printer Driver

The Printer will only accept a certain version of the window, hence it is mandatory that you must check the version of your Window.

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Note that your printer holds the connection of all the UNIX platforms.

Process of How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows

Following is the mentioned process that will help Xerox Printer’s Drive in Windows. It is important to go through the process carefully and not miss any of it so you can achieve the best outcomes.

.zip file of Xerox Printer Software

Download the .zip file from and then you get access to the install printer drives on your PC by business the preference of  Windows Add Printer Wizard.

For the process, 

  • Install the printer drive zip file and then extract it

Now the next step belongs to adding the printer and for this,

Control Panel >  Devices > Printers > Add a Printer

After adding the printer, you can p0krmoicess further with the installation process of the software.

Installing Xerox Printer’s Drivers on the Windows

Now installation is the premier need for the better functioning of the printer for which the steps are mentioned below that may help in utilizing the resources completely.

For the installation process,

  • Join the B end of a standard A/B USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cable to the USB Port on the back of the printer.
  • Join the end of the USB cable to the USB port on that of the computer.
  • There is a chance that “Windows Found New Hardware” can appear, you can click on the cancel button.
  • With the next step, you must see the Software and Documentation disc on your computer in some of the drives specified.
  • Probably the installer will start automatically, but in case it doesn’t you are required to navigate to the drive, then proceed with double-clicking onto the Setup.exe.
  • Move further with Xerox Smart Start — Driver Installer.
  • You may get to introduce with License Agreement for which you must agree with the terms.
  • A list of printers will appear, you can select the one that belongs to you, and click on Quick Install.
  • Finally, an Installer window will appear, click Done

We hope that the mentioned steps for How to Install a Xerox Printer Driver on Windows are very much clear to you, now you can get the work done without any professional guidance but in case, you require technical assistance, kindly contact Tech Suppor Expert.

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