How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302

How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302

How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302- In the times of technology, each person uses the printers for the results, and looking at the current status of the technology advancement one needs to kear, about the errors that are needed to be fixed in eth meantime especially those which can be fixed without the help of any experts. One such error we are talking about is How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302. If you are looking for a solution then we the team of Tech Support Expert will offer you the best solution by which you can fix the issue with no extra consumption of time.

How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302


The printer’s errors are very much minimal and can be cured without the help of any external force say the technician, but for the motive of fulfillment, one needs to understand some simple and quick steps that will assure the desirable results. It is necessary that one must follow each and every step carefully and not skip any of it in order to cure the issue in a better manner. But if you still face any issues in the procedure of How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302 or find the requirement of the suggestions of the technical experts, then blindly call on the helpline number of the Tech Support Expert or you can also email us of the solution. Call- 800-742-9005 or Email-

Steps on How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302

There are some important steps that must be followed by the person seeking the appropriate solution of How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302.

Points to remember before starting with the process-

  • It is important to fulfill each and every step carefully.
  • Do not switch off or interrupt the printer’s setting in between the procedure.
  • Start the process when the wifi network speed to proper.
  • Contact our help desk if you are stuck in any of the steps.

Turn Off the Printer

For the initial purpose of fixing How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302, the initial request was to switch off the printer for some time. This may cure the issue as sometimes with the excessive use of the substance, it gets too much heat and thereby causes an error. To turn it off,

  • First disconnects the printer from the computer.
  • Switch it off from the button present at the top.
  • Then let off the button fades away and
  • Remove the ethernet cable.
  • Disconnect the printer from the computer
  • When it does, let it cool down for nearly 30 minutes.

Restart the Printer

Now, turning off and restarting is entirely a different mechanism. In the restart, your printer will start on its own after a few seconds. Once you begin with the process, it is essential that you have not interrupted the process.

For this purpose, follow the mentioned steps.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Find printer.
  • On the menu button, you will see the restart option.
  • Restart the printer.

As this process may take some time, hence it is essential to not force start the process.

Clearing the Prniter’s Queue

For the start of this step, you need to follow the steps mentioned below in the following.

  • Start by opening the Control Panel.
  • Follow up by clicking on Devices and Printers.
  • You can now see the Pinter’s option.
  • By right-clicking, you can see the option named See what’s printing. Click on the button.
  • You may notice many of the commands that are in the list of printing, cancel the commands.
  • Following the above options, you will be directed toward, Confirm button, press it.

By doing this step, most of the time the issue of How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302 will be resolved but in case it won’t happen, kindly follow the below-mentioned step.

Reinstallation of the Printer’s Driver

Sometimes the printer’s drive is either not updated or it is not working g properly, Hence in this case, you are required to reinstall the printer’s drives.

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • You will notice the Pinter option, click on that button.
  • By right-clicking on the option, you are directed toward the remove device option.

By confirming, the drivers will uninstall on their own. Now you need to install the latest and the updated version of it.

Update the Firmware

The now last important step when none of the above provides the solution is that you are required to update the firmware.

To update,

  • Visit the search engine.
  • Look for the latest version of the Firmware that is available for your printer’s model.
  • One the setup and click on the update option. It will automatically update.
  • Keep the check on the WiFi network’s speed.

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Now with the above-mentioned steps on How to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 016-302, you can truly ensure the services of your printer without any help from the technical expert but in case you require help, kindly contact us at the details mentioned below.

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