D-Link Extender Setup Support

D-Link Extender Setup Support

D-Link Extender Setup Support – Tech Support Expert is a popular name in the outsourcing technical support industry. We provide you with fast and accurate answers for all your doubts related to technology. Our well-experienced team is capable to handle a huge array of technical problems. Our team helps both our home users and businesses to achieve new heights of tech support. We are here to provide you with the best assistance of D-Link Extender Setup Support, D-Link Router Setup Support, etc. We are here for you 24/7.

A D-Link Extender is also known as a range expander, is a wireless repeater device used to amplify the distance range of a wireless LAN. The D-Link Extender device connects to a base router or access point. To establish good communication between a D-link Router and D-Link Extender Router it’s quite necessary to understand the concept of connectivity and functionality of the D-Link Extender. From this coming up the blog, we Tech Support Expert will try to provide you the best D-Link Extender Setup Support.

From our this particular blog section, you will find all the information regarding the D-link wireless range extender n300, dap-1320 setup. If you have any other queries related to D-Link extender, D-Link router then you are free to call us on our D-Link technical support toll-free number 800-742-9005. Even you can share your queries, feedback or views with us through our official email address support@techsupportexpert.com.

D-Link Extender Setup Support

How to Setup and Install D-Link Extender Router?

It takes almost 2-5 mins to for D-Link Extender Setup. But it can also be a very long procedure for someone who is not aware of the technology. Therefore it’s quite good to take some D-Link Extender Setup Support for the experienced technical individual. Here we will guide you all the procedure to set up the D-link Extender.

  1. Unbox the D-Link Extender Range Router and plug it into the Power Outlet.
  2. Turn on your Laptop, Computer or smartphone Wifi and refresh the wireless network. In your wireless network list, you will find the D-Link extender model. 
  3. Tap on it to get connected with D-Link Wireless Extender.
  4. As you tap on it, a pop up for password will appears on your screen. The D-Link Extender password is mentioned over the back of D-Link Box or behind the extender itself.
  5. Once you enter the password. From the same device visit to any internet browser. Type http://dlinkap.local/ in the URL or Address Bar. Even you can type, to visit the D-Link Extender Setup Config page.
  6. Click on Next and Select Manually and Tap Next
  7. Make sure your D-Link Router is Available (ON Condition), the wireless extender will automatically identify the router and try to communicate with the router. As it will find your router, the D-link Router will ask for the router password. Fill the login credentials of your particular router, then your D-Link extender will automatically get connect with your router.
  8. Once it gets connected, it good to restart both the devices to make sure the proper connectivity of the router and extender router. If you still find any difficulty contact with us for D-Link Extender Setup Support.

The Procedure to Reset the D-Link Extender Setup

Sometimes we all forget the password we used during the Wireless extender setup and when we try to connect it will another device, that time we are unable to connect with it. But not to worry. You can easily reset your D’link wifi extender dap 1320 setup or other D-Link extender models will the following procedure.

  1. Plug in the DAP 1320 into the power outlet. The LED first will turn into RED >>> Then Orange or Green
  2. You will find the reset pinhole under the DAP-1320. Press and hold the reset button for 6 to 10 seconds by using a paperclip or until the LED not turn into the RED color again.
  3. Once the LED turns RED the DAP-1320 will automatically reboot and be at factory default mode.
  4. Now you can again Setup the D-Link wireless extender.

The Features of D-Link Wireless Extender

The compact Wireless Range Extender is ideal for hard – to – reach areas such as basements, upstairs bedrooms or outdoor areas, giving you performance where you need it most.

Standards IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g
Antenna Type 2 Internal Antennas
Security Wireless Protected Access, Wireless Protected Access 2, Wi-Fi Protected Setup
Device Management Web UI,  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer v6 or higher, Safari
LEDs Power/Status
Certifications FCC, Wi-Fi
Dimensions 2.11in x 1.65in x 1.89in
Weight 2.56 oz (72.57g)

D-Link Technical Support Toll-Free Number

If you still find any difficulty regarding the Belkin Range Extender Setup and you need the best assistance for D-Link Extender Setup Support Contact with our technical support specialists. They will help you to sort out all your problems related to D-Link Extender. You can contact us through 800-742-9005 or write to us at support@techsupportexpert.com.

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