Safety at social networking

Safety at social networking

Social networking sites are the place where we can share personal interests and information.

  • Companies need this information to better target you with goods and services.
  • Cybercriminals want this information so they can steal from you; or in the case of stalkers, possibly harm you.

Privacy Policy
Social networking site safety begins with the privacy policy of each social networking site. By law in most countries, web pages must explain exactly how they might use the personal information you provide at registration and the data or media you submit thereafter. Even with this information, there is no absolute certainty that the company will fully comply with its policy.

To limit your exposure, check the social networking site’s privacy policy and whether there are options available to you to limit who gets to see your personal information and posted data. Privacy policies regularly change, so review the policy every few months for changes and adjust your settings as needed.

Privacy policies of several US-based social networking sites are :

Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Google Plus+ , Snapchat , Instagram

Third-party applications
Free apps on social sites are never truly free. The companies that make them find value in your personal information, to market products directly to you, and sometimes by selling it to third parties. Understand the privacy policies of any apps you consider installing. Some will ask for permission to post things on your behalf, on your site page.

Many types of malware have been distributed through social networking site apps serving as Trojans.

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