Remove ‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware

Remove ‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware

‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware has advanced cryptographic algorithm, ‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware can easily encrypt all kind of file, folders, documents, media files etc. stored on your PC.

‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware works very similar to all ransomware viruses, First it encrypt all your files and then forces the users to pay huge amount of money in order to recover your decrypted files. Similar to blackmailing, It shows a ransom message in which it threaten the users that the only possible way to unlock you data is a unique decryption key which has been generated by cyber criminals. After this, ‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware ask the users to pay a huge amount of ransom to get that decryption key.

it also horrify the users if you don’t pay the ransom in given time then all your files will get deleted permanently.

How to remove

Step 1 – Start PC in Safe Mode With Networking
Step 2 – Kill Malicious Process From Task Manager
Step 3 – Remove ‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware From Control Panel
Step 4 – Reset Windows PC To Factory Settings
Step 5 – Remove ‘.jes File Extension’ Ransomware Related Files From Registry Editor

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