Some Common Garmin GPS Issues and Their Fixes

Some Common Garmin GPS Issues and Their Fixes

Some Common Garmin GPS Issues and Their Fixes – Garmin is a popular device which deals in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. However, sometimes even the best ones have some disadvantages. While using Garmin GPS devices you may face certain issues. You don’t have to worry as we have hired superior talented and skilled professionals who are proficient in providing the best solution to your Garmin issues. In this particular article, we are here with the Some Common Garmin GPS Issues and Their Fixes.

Tech Support Expert is the family of technical experts who are always ready to help you with Garmin glitches. The company provides best customer support services to all its customers. We are available 24 hours and thus you can connect with us anytime for the Garmin solutions. If you are a Garmin user who is searching for Some Common Garmin GPS Issues and Their Fixes then you are at the right platform. Having a complete knowledge about the Garmin is quite important for its smooth functioning.

Some Common Garmin GPS Issues and Their Fixes

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Most Common Garmin GPS Issues 

The below listed are some Garmin gltiches that can make your journey uneasy and even frustrates you in the centre of nowwhere. A lose battery or vibrating can cause Garmin V to keep shutting down while in use. Addition to this, glitches like poor display can cause failure of Garmin Nuvi 1390 and Garmin GPS V. A error in settling data or lack of line of sight may result into Garmin Sat Nav not to recognise the satellite signals when it is powered on. 

  • Touch Screen is not responding 
  • Power button is faulty
  • Sound issues
  • Garmin fails to turn on 
  • Not detecting the signal 
  • Depleted Battery 
  • Worn-out logic board
  • While using suddenly Garmin shuts off
  • GPS locking up 
  • Lost satellite signals

The advanced GPS navigation technology have added many amazing features. As such nowadays people are more likely installing the GPS sytems in their vehichles. Being a technical device Garmin GPS will show some inevitable errors while using it. Well, some of the issues are need to solved by the experts while some you can fix by your own. After discussing the common issues let us further move on to their solutions. 

Solutions to Fix Garmin GPS

Steps to Fix When Garmin GPS fails to Turn On 

  1. First of all ensure that the key is turned on to Ac or Ignition position.
  2. Then, make sure that power cord is connected with the GPS unit. 
  3. Check the fuse that is in the radio system or behind the GPS. In case it is blown then change it with a fresh one. 
  4. Check the battery, in case it has a flat battery then change or replace it. 
  5. Also check the battery of  remote control. If it not running then replace it. 

Steps to Solve No Sound Output 

  1. Check whether the wires of both the speakers are connected accurately to the GPS as well as speakers. 
  2. Ensure that your Garmin GPS device is not muted. 
  3. By pressing “OSD” on the remote or you can also Adjust the “Audio” option, check all the right, left, rear and front speakers. 

Solution When the Touchscreen is not Calibrated 

  1. First of all go to the Menu option 
  2. Then, click on options
  3. Now select system
  4. Next choose “Calibration”

Steps to Resolve the Unresponsive Touchscreen 

  1. Calibrate the screen for few minutes as the screen takes time to respond. 
  2. After calibration if there is no response then you must call Garmin GPS Support and ask for the assiatnce. 

Guide when there is no GPS Reception 

  1. Check that the GPS antenna is plugged in correctly. 
  2. You will also face this issue if there is no GPS reception in your current location. In order to fix this issue contact Garmin support for the help. 

Solution for GPS Device When it is Unable to Detect the Current Location 

Ensure that you have latest Garmin maps update as old version will not cover some remote areas. 

So, these were the Garmin GPS issues and its fixes which are mentioned by us. By following our steps you can easily solve your any Garmin glitch. We hope that you get the solution of your Garmin GPS issue. 

Best Garmin GPS Support 

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