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Key Features

Setup & Installation of Router

Wireless connection setup and configuration

Securing wireless network

Connect to network and internet.

Setting up for multiple devices

Managing router ports and IP address

For D-Link WiFi Router and Range Extender

Instant, Effective and Affordable Solutions

Extender Set Up issues for First timers

Unstable configuration of WIFI Range

Dlink Port Settings and configuration

Problems in connecting to existing Network

Password Reset issues

Extender Connectivity Issues

WiFi Repeater configuration Issue

Security issues with Dlink range extender or wireless set up

Basic Installation issues of RANGE EXTENDER

Problems in accessing admin page

Uneven Router Range

Weak Signal. Internet problem

Issues related to setup of RANGE EXTENDER

Unable to login router panel

Issue configuring Dlink Rang Booster

Tollfree Support for followings Dlink WiFi products or devices

Scope of Service

Dlink Support for Home users :

  • Tech Support for Home Surveillance product
  • Tech Support for Baby Monitors
  • Tech Support for home networking
  • Tech Support for home automation

Wide array of support for D-link : D-link Router , D-link Portable Router , D-link Network Adapter , D-Link Access points, D-link Range Extender , D-link bridges, D-link switches , KVM switches, D-link modems, D-link gateway, D-link print server, MoCA, D-link USB connector ,Network attached storage, D-link Network camera , Network video recorder, D-link Baby monitor , D-link wireless mobile broadband, D-link WiFi Cameras, D-link Sensors,  D-link WiFi smart plugs, D-link Wifi Audio Extender , D-link hubs, D-link Sirens , Komfy,

Dlink Support for Shop :

  • Tech Support for Shop security
  • Tech support for Shop networking
  • Tech support for shop automation

Unified Wireless controller managed access points, Software managed wireless access points , Unified wireless controller and switches

Dlink Support for Business : VPN Routers, UTM Firewalls , IP Cameras , Video Storage, 4G-LTE , controllers, switches, extender, hubs, cameras etc.

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About D-Link:

D-Link Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing corporation. It was founded in March 1986 in Taipei as Datex Systems Inc.  It began as a network adapter vendor and has gone on to become a designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking solutions for both the consumer and business markets


D-link suits for all of the need for smart home with latest technology. With the variety of products D-link offer all the way to make home safest and secure. D-link AC wifi router cater next-level connected experience. D-link camera, smart plugs, AC Ultra WiFi Router, extender, baby monitor cameras, video recorders and number of networking equipment help us to feel safe and secure.

For over 30 years D-Link has been creating complete, end-to-end networking solutions that deliver exactly that and more. All of it adds as much as state-of-the-art solutions which will really benefit your business. D-Link’s Switching, Wireless, Network Security, IP Surveillance, Storage and Management Solutions deliver best-in-class performance.

D-Link offers an extensive  array of customer premise equipment and network infrastructure devices, enabling you to produce and deliver innovative service offerings that improve your client experiences and increase revenues.

D-link deliver product’s excellence, quality, reliability, compatibility and high-performance solutions . and We offer you full support of product . .

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