office error code 30016-4

office error code 30016-4

Office Error Code 30016-4 – Every one is well known to the fact that how important is Microsoft Office in our day to day. It is used in the office, by the students for homework and projects etc. Microsoft continuously try to provide its customers with the best features and latest version to enhance the performance and ease the work. However, while getting the update or installing the newest version of office you may come across the Office Error Code 30016-4. This error is quite common to occur while you are installing the newest version of Microsoft Office or getting any Update. 

Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016 and also Office 2013 are simple to use, provide many features and can be found easily on the Microsoft Store. Nevertheless, Office Error Code 30016-4 can avoid your from doing your work, it can fixed on your own with the right solution. This error generally occur when there’s a Network or firewall restriction.

Fortunately, there are numbers of method which you try to fix the Microsoft Office Error Code 30016-4. The techies at Tech Support Experts have put together some simple solutions for you can follow these solution one by one until the issues is fixed. So, let’s get started:

office error code 30016-4

Disable the Firewall and Antivirus for Some Time

Network and Firewall restriction could be the reason for the occurrence of Error code 30016-4. Firewall rules in your computer may block the installation as part of their security measure. Therefore, it is advice to disable the firewall and antivirus for the trime you are installing the office or its update.

Here given below are steps which you need to follow to carry out the disabling process:

  • Open “control panel” and then navigate to “system and security” < “Windows Firewall”
  • Now, click on “turn windows firewall On or Off”
  • Choose the Turn Off firewall for both private and public network.

Now you can try again to install or update Microsoft Office. Look whether the Error code 30016-4 is fixed or its till occurring.

Steps to disable Antivirus:

  • Open the antivirus application which you have installed in your computer.
  • Click on the settings and navigate to real time protection.
  • You need to turn Off real time protection.
  • Now simply, Navigate to Antivirus firewall and turn off Antivirus firewall.
  • If you are prompted with the confirmation click on YES or OK

Now you are try installing or updating Microsoft Office and check whether the Error code 30016-4 is still occurring. In Case, it is then move to the next solution.

Run SFC Scan to fix Error code 30016-4

Sometimes the system file error or the corrupt file in the system could be the reason for Office error code 30016-4. In case the reason behind this error is corrupt fie then, you can fix the issue by running SFC scan on your system. It will check all the file in your system and then it will repair the corrupt file.
Here are steps given below to follow this method:

  • Open the command prompt in administrative.
  • Over there write “ sfc /scannow “ carefully and click enter.
  • Now the scan will begin automatically .
  • Make sure you don’t close the command prompt until the scan get completed.

Again, try to install the update or office. See if the issue is fixed or still occurring in case you are still facing the same issues then move to next solution.

Registry repair to fix Error code 30016-4

Registry corruption or key value errors is also the major cause for the occurrence of this error. Even a single key value corruption can lead to this error. Here are the steps to follow for repairing registry:

  • Open registry editor and remove the older registry key. It may block the installation of latest version or update.
  • Navigate the below keys and delete it.









  • You also need to change the DWORD values in below keys from 0 to 1 in Office common registry folder.





Check whether you are still unable to fix the error. If it is fixed then you are carry on with your work in case it isn’t then follow the next solution.

Uninstall and Install the Microsoft Office

In case all above method didn’t helped you to get the right solution then remove and then reinstall the Microsoft Office. Here are the steps to removing Microsoft:

  • Open control panel and then click on uninstall programs and features
  • Now search for Microsoft Office in the list and from there, choose Microsoft Office and click on uninstall.
  • As soon as the uninstallation process is completed, you may try to run Office setup to install Microsoft Office.

Here are the steps to install:

  • Open the Microsoft account and login using your account ID and password.
  • Under the Office product in your account you will see Install option, Click on it.
  • In case the installer setup prompted, save it.
  • Run it once the download is complete. Make sure you do not close the program or go off line until the process is complete.
  • At last, click on finish button once the program is installed completely.

So, these were the methods which you can try in order to fix the Office Error Code 30016-4. In order to get help from the professionals for immediate and accurate solution then feel free to give us call at our toll free number 800-742-9005.


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