How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive

How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive

How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive – The software stack that underpins computer hardware’s fundamental processes and application execution is called firmware. Similar to how a computer’s operating system (OS) regulates the function of software program, hardware manufacturers utilize embedded firmware to control the functions of numerous hardware devices and systems. A firmware update will provide your device new, advanced functioning instructions without requiring any hardware modifications. By updating the firmware, you will have the opportunity to engage with the device more effectively and explore new features that have been included. If you are one of those folks who don’t know How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive then read along and find solutions to all your updating Firmware issues.How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash DriveTech Support Expert will provide you with strong, prompt, and exact solutions for any problem, including How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive. The company has a reputation for providing consumers with the best, most effective solutions because it is the the leading provider of technical support services in the tech field. Because of our highly skilled technical workforce, solid track record of achievement, and unshakable dedication, we are the leaders in our industry. You can contact us by phone at 800-742-9005 or by email at if you are having any kind of technical issues and would like to get them resolved as quickly as possible. We are here to serve you in any way we can by giving you the most accurate solutions.

Updating Firmware using a USB Flash Drive

For local firmware updates, a USB Flash Drive can be used. This strategy is especially useful for updating just one or a small number of devices because it would not be cost-effective to install an FTP or HTTP server just for the update. Continue as follows:

Check the current Software Version

The following steps can be used to check the current software version:

  • On the remote control, press the [HELP] button.
  • The upper-right corner of the screen should display the firmware version number.

You already have the most recent software version if the version number is the same as or greater than the most recent version listed on this page, so updating is not necessary.

Download the Updater

You must first download the update from the Internet and save it to a USB Flash Drive before you can install it.

1. Download the update file to your computer.

  • To download the most recent version of this page, click [Download], then review and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • To download the update file to your PC, click the [Download] button at the bottom of the page.

2. Extract the file you downloaded

You can find the following file after extracting the downloaded file: e.g. “sony_dtv0FA60A0AA0AA_00004D00_16058301000205.pkg”

3. Enter your PC using the USB Flash Drive.

4. The pkg file should be copied or dropped into the root directory of your USB device.

NOTE: The device’s initial or top-most directory, which contains all other directories, is referred to as “the root directory.”

5. Before moving on to the following phase, take the USB flash drive out of your computer.

Install and Update

You can install it on your display after downloading the update file and getting your USB drive ready. Your display will turn off and then come back on throughout the installation, which could take up to 15 to 30 minutes. Please follow the simple directions below:

1. Turn the display on.

2. Ensure that your display does not have any USB devices inserted.

3. Insert the pkg file-containing USB flash drive into the display’s USB port.

NOTE: If the display has more than one USB port, any of them may be used.

4. Following the USB flash drive’s detection, the display will show a number of various messages. obey the directions displayed on the screen.

NOTE: If the messages don’t appear automatically, try using the remote control to toggle the display on and off.

5. The update procedure will start, the POWER indication on the display will start flashing white, and the update progress screen will appear on the display once the file has finished transferring from the USB storage device.

6. The display will switch off and then come back on to finish the update after a while.

WARNING: Avoid the following during the software installation process:

  • Remove the USB drive
  • Disable the display
  • Disconnect the power source from the display.

7. A notification announcing the completion of the software update appears on the display once it is finished.

8. Remove the USB device from the USB slot with care.

Check if the Update was successful

To ensure that the update has been successfully installed, check the current software version.

  • The software update was successful if the version number matches what you installed.
  • Install the update again if the version number isn’t the same.

These are the procedures that we advise following in order to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive. Follow these precise instructions on How to Update Firmware using a USB Flash Drive. For optimum results, perform each step exactly as it is described in this article. But if you think you’ll still need technical assistance even after taking the aforementioned steps, get in touch with our tech specialists. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this site and learn what you were seeking for. Call us at 800-742-9005 or send an email to if you need extra assistance from trained experts.

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